Hey beautiful fam bam! Bet you weren’t expecting this, huh? Well, neither was I, but President Nally told us to, so I’ll gladly write you guys!

Holy cow–today’s been a whirlwind! I honestly don’t remember much-we got our nametags, dropped our stuff off, and then went to meet my district! My comp is awesome! Or at least I feel like we get along really well. 🙂 The rest of my dist. is pretty good too! Mom! There’s an Elder Macanlay who was born on Guam! Connections!! After a little lesson we went to an intro meeting, then dinner–um, the food SOO good!! Like seriously how come no one ever told me this? Then we got to chill for a bit, and then did a cool “teaching experience” where a whole group of us teach an investigator. It’s all about learning to teach the person instead of just banging out the doctrine. And now we’re finally heading to bed!

I think I’m holding up alright. It’s just a whole bunch of everything at once, so I’m mostly just really tired and excited to go to bed! Haha. Hopefully next letter I’ll have some sleep under my belt so I can say a bit more. 🙂

I will say though, that there were some beautiful tender mercies. In the cafeteria I saw Sister Clark–my escort when I got endowed! Oh, I seriously love her so much! Then later that day I got to see Blake Myer–a guy in my 82nd ward! It was so great to see a friendly face!

Love you lots! Hope you’re all holidng up on your end and that school’s going alright for you kiddos!! LOVE YA!!


(officially) Sister Harrison 🙂 


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