I’m going to FAIRBANKS–and speaking CHINESE!!


Hey Fam Bam! 

Alright, I get to email you again to let you know about my new area–but once again have to do it in like three seconds, but first, Alaska is so beautiful and I love it!
Yesterday was probably the longest day of my life–we were awake for about twenty hours straight–talk about making good first impressions–NOT! But I think/hope they all know I was just exausted and sick. 🙂
Anyway, I’ll be serving in FAIRBANKS! I’ll be in the YSA Ward!!! Can you see how God’s been preparing me?? Yep, I sure can. ALSO, I’ll be learning Chinese! Yeah, I thought it was a joke when he told me, but there are a lot of people in that ward who are chinese, so I get to learn some! I’ll still be mostly english, but with a little mix! Looks like I’ll be able to talk to the Wardle’s a bit when I get home! Maybe… 🙂
Sister Al Bal H
[Editor’s Bonus Content:]
Average winter low temperatures range from −15 °F (−26 °C) to −25 °F (−32 °C), but extremes can range from 50 to -60 °F (10 to -51 °C).[19] In summer, temperatures typically range between 70 and 50 °F (21 and 10 °C); 
At the winter solstice, Fairbanks experiences 3 hours and 43 minutes of sunlight. At the summer solstice, Fairbanks receives 21 hours and 49 minutes of direct sunlight;
The U.S. census Bureau estimates that the population of 2011 in the city was 32,036 people

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