First Day in Fairbanks!!


Temp address that will only be good until my next transfer:
1630 Washington Drive
Fairbanks, AK 99709

Well hey again!

Pretty sure getting to email you three times in one week is NEVER going to happen again, so enjoy it! 🙂

This time I finally have a bit more time to talk, so we’ll see if I can cover everthing!

So wrapping up MTC stuff was CRAZY! It went by so fast! Huge shout out to Wendy Nelson (she’s in the MTC now!!), Jakins (that package was AWESOME!) and Saffords (I’d been stressing that I didn’t have enough cash for my luggage, so the money saved me so much worry! Thank you!). ALSO–so fun seeing Justin Gallo! He started teaching there while I was there, and when I saw him I almost started crying cuz I was so happy just to see a friendly face! 🙂 I missed him the next time he stoppped by my classroom, but that note he left was great. 🙂

Mom–your packages ROCKED MY SOCKS! Not only mine, but the whole districts, so thank you thank you so much! Everyone in my district was so grateful, and we’re all going to come have a BBQ at our house when we get back so they can thank you.  🙂 I also hope you got the letters they wrote for you by now.

Sunday night was awesome–I got to see a whole bunch of my buddies before I left AND met the guy who sang Savior, Redeemer of my Soul at the devotional! I was SO grateful for that song and the reminder it gave me, so it was great to get to tell him thanks in person. 🙂

Anyway, we woke up at 4:40 Monday morning to head out, which wasn’t terrible compared to others times, but since I had my cold, which had gotten worse after fasting, it was a little rough. I was really blessed though to have energy through all the important stuff. Waking up, packing everything, driving to the airport and checking in. And my favorite part–seeing Dad! Oh my goodness, talk about food for the soul, I’m SO glad I got to see you and talk to the family! I feel so blessed that I had been obedient and told you not to come to the temple or anything, but Heavenly Father kind of forced it to work out. ALSO, I still think it’s so cool that I had that impression to not go to the other gates to find a phone, but to go back so that I could actually see you! Tender mercies all around.

I crashed once I got on the plane, but no better place to do that, right? it was so fun when we finally saw Alaska for the first time. I felt so much peace flying over it, and it still feels just like home. It’s BEAUTIFUL here! There’s so many tree’s everywhere, so it’s just like NC, but you also have the mt’s, so it’s like a combo of the two! I love it. It also just has that wonderful Cabin/Woodsie feel that just gets at my little ‘hopeless romantic’ side, but this time it feels even better. I love it. 🙂

So we got there, they picked us up and we went to the mission office, had orientation, then went to the mission home, went out tracting for the first time, and then came back and did more stuff. It was crazy!! We were awake for like 20 hours straight, and I already do bad enough without my sleep, let alone having a cold on top of it. The hardest part was that I knew this was the WORST way to meet everyone, and so I was kind of beating myself up about it. Mom I loved your EM “Please be nice to Ali”. It was a good reminder that I shouldn’t beat myself up, and they’ll learn what I’m like eventually. And Dad, when you’re in Anchorage you should stop by the home and talk me up a bit to Pres Beesley. 🙂

Speaking of the Beesley’s–talk about the most caring people in the WORLD! Everyone here is SO nice!! I’m not used to it, but I appreciate it so much. Usually it’s just you Mom and Dad who care so much about me to make sure that all my needs are taken care of, so it’s so weird having someone besides you doing that now. Sis. Beesley keeps calling to see how my cold is and she had me get a blessing before we left for Fairbanks. The Elders are all so sweet too. They do basically anything we asked them too (don’t worry, we don’t abuse it) and they were all concerned about how I was feeling, especially the one who gave me the blessing. Totally adorable, and it’s going to take me a while to get used to the fact that other people can love me as much as my parents.

Speaking of Elders, it’s really funny to see Sister Harrison come out. When I get around the Elders I get to nervous about being to flirty or anything that I don’t really talk to them or make eye contact or anything. Haha, I’m sure I’ll find a balance later, but for now I just laugh at myself the whole time. 🙂

Anyway, this cold has made everything a little rough, but I’m making it through. I have felt SO much strength exactly when I need it. Of course most of the time I felt like my head was going to explode and I was going to die, but when I needed it most, like when we went tracting that first night, I’m able to have a clear head again. It’s been really cool.

I’m so excited about my call to Fairbanks! It’s great here! Sister Hart, my trainer is awesome. She just finished getting trained, so it’s going to be nice that we get to work together to still figure things out. This way she’s still open to ideas I have and we’re both on the same page with everything we want to do, like working hard, obedience etc. She’s from Salt Lake and I’m already so grateful for everything she’s doing for me–especially putting up with sick Sister Harrison. 🙂

Also, just to clarify, I’m not like PURE chinese speaking, but I will learn bits and pieces. 🙂

The drive up here was INCREDIBLE. luckily the weather was nice enough that we DID get to drive instead of fly, so I got to see seven+ hours worth of beautiful Alaska. And everyone’s right, it is beautiful. It just spoke to my soul and brought me so much peace about everything. I mean gettting to sit there all day helped my cold a LOT, but just getting to witness God’s amazing creations all day always brings peace. Mm, LOVE IT. I took lots of pics, so hopefully I can get some.


It was also fun because there’s another sister companionship that came with us, and one of them is leaving after she finishes training Sister Lind, so she told us all these crazy stories about her life and mission that got us all pumped up for that work-! Haha.

Anyway, we’re finally here! Our apartment is AWESOME! I mean, not crazy wonderful, but we have memory foam pads, two bathrooms and LOOOTS of extra space. It’s great. And Mom I was so excited to open the box of my stuff from you! First, that duffle bag is PERFECT. Thanks for finding it. 🙂 Second, I love having my own pillow and sheets! They smelled like home and I had the best sleep I’ve had in a while. 🙂 Heavenly Father sure does spoil me, but if it counts, I’m so incredibly grateful for all of it. 🙂


[we live in the basement]

Alright, I’m going to send some pics now, but I love you all so much and I’ll get to email you again on Monday. 🙂 Next time I should have actually met people in my ward I’m working with an everything so I’ll get to tell you more about that. Hope everything’s going awesome, and keep telling me about all the miracles happening down there! 🙂

Love, Sister Harrison

P.S. Mom, I’ll definitely have to buy more sweaters, socks, tights, etc–can you just make sure I have money for that in my account? I didn’t know if you’ve taken my money out or anything, so just wanted to double check. 🙂

P.S.S. The raincoat we got was prefect–I’ve already used it like everyday!



One thought on “First Day in Fairbanks!!

  1. It’s so great hearing from you; I love the pictures.

    The letters I’ve been sending to you have all come back. Your dad helped me figure out why; It seems I left out a “.” and a “my”. I will repair your address and try again.

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