Transfers and Dates Set!!


Hey there Fam!!

Oh man, this week has been just SO great and crazy and wild. 

But FIRST–I just want to say THANK YOU!!! I’ve found that Mondays usually end up being my most stressful days, but the main thing I was stressing about after this last one was that you guys wouldn’t know how grateful I was for everything! So–THANK YOU!! I usually come on and just start emailing about all the things I need from you and just tell you about how things are going here, so I want you to know I really appreciate everything you guys do!

Farthest North Denny’s!

Mom, the Halloween package got here once I got home from emails–of course–and it’s so cute!! Sis Hart’s mom also sent a Halloween package, so between the two of you, we have the most stylish Halloween apartment EVER. 🙂 

The COAT!! AH, so awesome!! Dad, I can only imagine how much time you spent hunting down the best kind, on the best deal, so thank you so much for all the time you put in to get that for me! I haven’t used it yet (trying to slowly break into the warm gear), but the one time I tried in on was delicious! 🙂 Also, thanks for all the research on other warm clothes. Honestly, it’s really just my toes and occasionally my legs that are cold, so maybe some leg thermals. Otherwise when my coats on I’m usually good…for now! Haha, I’ll let you know if things get to chilly, but I’ll try and stop by that store today and let you know. 

Almost as good as Cafe Rio…but not really.

Please note my awesome headpiece (cough, plant)

And Mom, that cuddleDud shirt that came with the coat is AMAZING! It doesn’t really work with any of my shirts, but I wear it to bed, and mm. so great. 🙂 Oh, and the hand warmers. 🙂

And THEN I got the MP3! Thank you! And the pictures were incredible!! Seriously, I feel spoiled I get to be here, and I’m so glad Dad got to come take some great pictures. Dad, it sounds like you had an awesome time up here and I’m so glad! All the pictures of you at all the places I go to was to weird! But I loved it! 

Also, sad day, my letter I sent to Rachel Chow got returned. 😦 Rachel, if you want to EM your address, I’ll try and resend it, but know that I love you lots!!

They even have a WHOLE WEEK in honor of me up here!

Also, G-Pa’s letter made it sound like Haylee has a new basketball something going down? Any word on that?

Brinster, you’re little letter was so cute. I’ll see if I can find any bear teeth, and you let me know how that whole skyping thing works out. 🙂

Hope everything else is going just great with everything! I sure love you all!

Anyway, I guess I can tell you a little about the Fairbanks happenings!

Guys, I finished my first transfer!! Yeah, like, it’s already been six weeks! What? When did that happen? It was kind of cool though, because the first Saturday I was here we had dinner with the Dewey’s, and this past Saturday we did as well! While I was sitting there it hit me just how different I felt at this one. I was so relaxed and comfortable and knew what I was doing. I’ve totally been changing and growing up without even realizing it. I love it! 🙂


Transfers brought some other fun things with it. First of all, Sister Hart and I were so scared we were going to get split up. There really was no need, but other missionaries kept talking about how they could totally see it happening…um, not cool! But we just prayed that we’d be accepting of whatever happened, and well, since we got what we wanted, we’re happy campers. 🙂

Our Zone Sisters!

We’re actually glad we prayed to be accepting though because I was surprised at how hard it was to say goodbye to everyone else that got transferred. President calls sisters Friday night usually, but then he calls the rest Saturday morning. So, our whole zone has a breakfast transfer and get together at 6:30 at the stake center and play dodge ball and make breakfast and wait for the call. I was so sad when they started getting to called to different places. They’ve seriously been the best little buddies ever. This morning we went to see everyone off and there was just the happiest spirit ever joking around taking pictures with each other. Fairbanks is actually nicknamed Zion, and I can see why now. I mean really, six weeks with these guys, and I really didn’t see them that often, but we’re all working for the same goal, and get to see the strengths and weaknesses of each other, and just love each other. 

Sister Fraiz and me

Elder Poulson and Dyer

Elder Gullerud

Elder Bowen


Elder Rallis, Sis Lind and I

Elder O’Brien and Bowen got some sass


Crazy Elders and their phone backgrounds. typical.

Elder Worwood and I–Dodge Ball buddies for life.

Don’t worry, they keep me laughing. 🙂

Elder Landon and Worwood.


Most classic pic EVER.

Elder Hamilton

Elder Chalfont


Elder Hamilton and Chalfont

So yeah, transfers were a big part of my week. I’m excited to see who else I get to meet now though! Should be good. 🙂

So our super awesome news–Jimmy’s on date! It was so cool to see what thoughts I got of how to set a date for him. I actually used his fellowshipper Gabby, who’s on the swim team, and asked her how she gets better at swimming. Apparently she has to actually get in the pool, every day, while working towards a goal. Can you believe it? So we asked Jimmy if he thought the same thing works with the gospel. He said yes, so we told him to set November 16 as his ‘Goal’, and to really ‘dive’ and ‘immerse’ himself in the gospel until then every day and that showing his commitment to heavenly Father like that would help him receive his answer. So, the date he has set is conditional on whether he knows these things are true by then or not, but we know he can be ready by then. Agency!! 🙂

Our super SUPER awesome news–we have not one, but TWO investigators on date!! Yep, after six weeks of nada, we got two. We had been really hoping for Jimmy and were SO excited that we could help him make that decision. We were celebrating all day. But then, out of the blue, we got a second one placed in our laps that we hadn’t been expecting. 

Mr. William has been really working to get his answer. I told you that he’d decided to stop everything and just read the book of Mormon. So, we’ve been helping him out with that and reading with him for like an hour every day. As we’ve done that, we’ve seen the spirit grow stronger and stronger, and seen him receive more light and confidence. our little group of scripture readers has also become really special. We read with him with the Elders who first started teaching him, and there’s really a sacred feeling there when we come together. We’re all goofballs, and so we laugh and joke together, but I think that’s what William needs. The first night we did it, we told William that we had to be home by nine or we’d turn into pumpkins. Well, we’ve taken that joke a bit far, and we now call ourselves the pumpkin crew, with William being the pumpkin leader, elder gullerud being ‘pumpkin bumpkin’, elder poulson as ‘pumpkin red’ (something from star wars) and Sis Hart and I as pumpkins one and two. It’s silly, but cute at the same time. We got to the Isaiah chapter in 2 Nephi, haha, so that was pretty fun to decipher through. But we made it fun by trying to find something that symbolized pumpkins. And ya know, if you really look, there’s a lot in there that relates to pumpkins. Who knew. 🙂 

The Pumpkin Crew

William really started catching on though. At one point he said, “I’m getting it now. So when Isaiah says, ‘the birds are flying’ he’s actually talking about toothpaste”. What a smart kid. 🙂

He really is though, and he’s super funny now that we know him better. He’s also so sweet. Saturday night we decided we could have movie night with him–aka meet at the institute building and watch The Testaments. Alright, might not sound super exciting, but then William texted us and said he was bringing pizza and soda, because he had to take care of his ‘pumpkinites’! Look at all the good the Book of Mormon is doing for his vocab! 🙂 Anyway, it was really sweet, and watching the video with him was really powerful. He said he didn’t feel anything, but we know he did. We were able to testify and help him, all through the spirit. It was really cool, but he said he’d just have to keep waiting for his answer. 

Sunday he said he wasn’t gonna make it to church because he was going to immerse himself in the scriptures. Wa-wa. BUT, when we walked out of sacrament, there he was! AND he was all dressed up in his military outfit. As he said, “Everyone else has a fancy suit, so I figured I should dress up too!” So cute. Then after priesthood, he told us that he was going to get a priesthood blessing and he’d like us to be there. I’m so grateful for Member missionary work! Two guys in our ward come up with that all on their own, and the blessing was beautiful. Also, thanks Dad for having us say prayers before blessings. We did that, and William’s prayer was so sweet and sincere. Ah, it was so good.

Then, later that day, William called and said he’d gotten his answer!! Sis Hart and I were ecstatic and started cheering and crying–it was so great. When our pumpkin crew got together later, we asked him to share. He said he was knee deep in the scriptures after the blessing, and it just happened. He said that, “It’s very small, and it comes and goes, but it’s there.” 

William got his answer!

Ah, it’s so wonderful to be a part of it!! We’re all so excited! He’s set for November 2 to be baptized cuz we still have a few things to work on, but even being able to see him come this far and see him grow so much is a miracle. The gospel really does change lives and people, and I’m so grateful to be a witness to this in William’s life. 

I’m also constantly amazed at the changes God is making in me and my life. I don’t worry as much anymore. I’m gaining more faith to trust in him that I’ll know what to say and do. And that faith is being confirmed! Here we were hoping to MAYBE help one person set a date for baptism, and God had something else, and even greater in mind. Ah, guys, it’s incredible! 

I’m also so grateful for the depth my testimony’s gaining. When we were watching the testaments, I just felt even more strongly that Christ really is our savior and redeemer and he loves us. It’s wonderful.

Well guys, I love you so, so much. It’s funny to me how much a treasure anything and everything about/from you guys. Even saying your name’s is so special to me! I love it thought because it means I have awesome people that I get to LOVE! And I really do.

Love you guys lots, 

Sister Harrison

We’re pretty legit at dodgeball.

My awesome bacon!



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