Matching Pajamas!


Cupcake Decorating at FHE

Hey Fam Bam!

Oh man, it feels like FOREVER since I last talked/heard from you guys! Whew! This week has been soooo long and weird. But good! 🙂

Haha, so remember how last week we had to say goodbye to all our buddies right before we emailed? Well yeah, Sis Hart and I didn’t realize just how much we were going to miss them, and what kind of an impact that would have on our week!

I mean really, we’re away from all our friends and family, so our zone seriously became our little family! We got to see each other’s ups and downs, strengths and weaknesses, good times and bad, but were still friends through all of it–just like family, right?

So yeah, we didn’t realize how sad we were going to be, and it wasn’t till Tuesday night after a long, rough day that we realized that was why we were so sad and very non-functioning.

Don’t worry though, the week was still great! Didn’t mean to start off on such a depressing note, but probably just good for you to know that this little sadness was kind of underlying our whole week. We’re doing good now though. 🙂

Anyway, we felt like we were SO super blessed though. We were a bit emotionally under the weather, but Heavenly Father helped us out so much! We got to teach tons of lessons and were always super busy. That was a blessing because then our planning at night was quicker so we could get to sleep earlier (we made it to bed before 10:30 every night this week!) and we had lots of things to keep us going during the day. So yep, all in all, very, very blessed.

Oh, sidenote. I know you’ve all been concerned, but I got some good wool socks and so my toes are doing much better. Either that, or I’m learning to ignore it. Either way, I definitely want to try that cayenne pepper thing Mom! Should be cool to see!


Typical Alaska Truck

Haha, anyway, another good part of this week is that Sister Hart and I are just becoming better and better friends! And she’s rubbing off on me and definitely pulling out the goofy side of me–for better or worse, I’ll keep you updated. 🙂 It really is so great though and I don’t know how I got so blessed to get a companion that I get along with so well. LOVE IT!

My other proud moment this week–I got something in the mail for Mr. Jaker Snaker! I know it’s a few days in advance, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little man!! Seriously buddy, I miss your humor so much! And that picture you sent of colonial days?? Mmhm, you sure are a handsome little man, that’s for sure! I loved colonial days back in the day when I was in fifth grade, so hope you had fun too! Keep being the biggest stud out there on the football field! Sounds like you’re doing AWESOME! Let me know how semi’s or the championship goes! Also, I hope you appreciate what’s coming in the mail, and I thought it was fitting because a guy named JAKE sent it for me! He’s a guy in our ward who we were teaching a lesson to and he asked if we wanted lunch, and I told him I had to send this first, so when we were in line he just cut in and paid for it–so just know that it’s sent with all my love, but nice Jake’s money. 🙂

Hey, a lot of you mentioned listening to my Savior, Redeemer song–I wanna hear! Anyway you can email it? 🙂 No worries if not. 🙂

Mr. B, loved your letter! Sounds like everything’s going great! Question answers:

1. Breakfast I usually have Cheerios, tillamook yogurt (so good!), or an egg sandwich, or a combination of the three. I’m really hungry in the mornings! Did you know you can cook an egg in a bowl?? You just crack it in there, stir it up, and cook it in the microwave for one minute! While it’s cooking, put ham on a piece of bread or tortilla, and voila! I love it, and now you can eat it for breakfast too and it will basically be like I’m eating with you. 🙂 Lunch, usually just a good old quesadilla, and then dinner’s usually the same if we don’t eat with a member. Otherwise, we have something different every night–including some spagetti last night made with moose meet! I couldn’t tell a difference though, so hopefully I’ll get to try it again later. 🙂

2. Halloween we get to come home at 7! Otherwise I don’t think we get to do anything different. 🙂 OH, but Mom, those scarves are SOO cute! Gonna be honest, I was a little nervous to see what you thought I could wear, but they’re so great! We’ll have to take some picy-pics. 🙂

3.I will start dating my letters! 🙂

4. Quiditch? Haha, there’s an Elder who bought some Hula-hoops and put them on pipes and then we all run around playing ‘quidditch’–no brooms or anything, and we’ll only played like twice, cuz now we stay inside since it’s so cold. 🙂

Hay bay!! Ah, I loved your letter!! Gonna be honest, it kind of made me tear up a bit, especially the general conference part. It was definitely weird watching conference without you guys, and having to watch it at EIGHT in the morning, but it was also weird, because it had the same homey feel to it, being at the institute building and sitting in the comfy chairs. But  I missed you guys for sure. That basketball thing sounds AWESOME though!! That BYU coach saw you drill a three?? Wha?? That’s so cool! Thanks for all the updates on everyone else too! So good to finally hear some info! 🙂 And keep it up in Physics. That’s all the advice I have for you haha. Good luck! And I guess it’s okay that you wore my sweatshirt–but it better be in perfect condition still!!! 🙂

 As for Sadies, I’m fresh out of ideas, and I’m guessing at this point you probably already have it all planned. but let me know next time you get asked to a dance, because Sis Hart told me an awesome response idea. 🙂


For dinner the other night we got ice cream from Hot Licks and
then drove up our mountain again to watch the sunset! Gorgeous!

Question answers:

1. haven’t done any driving yet! Sis Hart is the ‘designated driver’ so it’s been all her so far, but the last week of this transfer I’ll get to drive, so we’ll see how that goes! I’m pretty sure that’s going to end up being the week it snows with my luck, so hopefully I’ll survive. And no, we just got switched to a Subaru. No more jeep, or truck, just the sub. But we’re getting used to it. 🙂

2. Is it cold? Hm, yes and no. When it gets really cold then yes, but I’m adjusting to the point that when it’s in the 40’s, it’s nice and warm outside! Weird, huh? But yeah, I’m definitely cold a lot, but I think I’m learning to ignore it!

3. Yep, I’ve had fish! I’m not a huge, huge fan yet, but I’ll probably have to get there! It’s just a bit bland, but there’s some good sauces you can put on it.

4. Waking up at 6:30. Haa. Haha. Wild and crazy party every morning, let me tell you. Haha honestly, 6:30 days are good, but we wake up at 5:30 T,TH,S to go play dodgeball with our zone and those days are a bit harder. It sounds a little crazy, but it’s totally worth the social interaction with all of them. Once I’m awake though, it’s perfectly fine and I can tell I get extra strength throughout the day when I need it. Super blessed!

5. Favorite thing about being a missionary? Just one? I’m gonna have to go with a typical Sister Harrison response and say EVERYTHING! But if I had to pick one, I’d just say the people. My comp, other missionaries, members, investigators–I LOVE EM! Second thing would probably just be all the learning growing, whether it’s me or the people I teach–I love watching the progression.

6. Still haven’t really gotten any fun packages or letters from to many people outside the family, sadly enough. 😦 But the fam sure is great at sending stuff! Mom, I loved the girl’s night notes from everyone! So cute! and the conference quotes. 🙂

7. Coolest animal? Funny you asked because I SAW MY FIRST MOOSE THIS WEEK! Sis Hart and I literally started screaming with happiness, and we didn’t know our voices could go that high. It was real exciting. 🙂 Bigfoot was pretty cool too though. 🙂

Also–I emailed you a project to do for me last week if you have some time! Much appreciated! 🙂

Dad, you’re almost to red zone–I think it’s coming on like two weeks since I last heard from you? Hopefully I’ll get something from you today, but I might fall apart if I don’t hear anything soon!! 🙂 I’ll also see what I can do picture wise–not sure how likely it is that I’ll be able to get it to work, but I’ll see!

Mom, I brought the wrong letter from you, so I can’t remember if you had any questions. 🙂 But seriously guys, thanks so much for the letters. I’m gonna be honest, I’d started telling myself that I’d just reached the point in my mission where the letters stop coming because you guys are learning to cope with my being gone and everything, and that I could be totally fine with it, but then I got all your letters Tuesday, and almost started crying cuz I hadn’t realized how much I’d missed hearing from you! So thanks for sending them, and I like the spaced out idea for sure. 🙂

I wish I had some more good stories for ya, but that’s about it. Sunday was great, we’re super excited because we feel like we’re really earning the confidence of the members, and we’re super excited to teach a lesson in two weeks about working WITH them and using us as tools and a resource. If you guys haven’t read it yet, go read the “Hastening the Work of Salvation” talk in the October Ensign–so good! The thing I loved most is that success in missionary work is measured in the invitation. We don’t push, pull or shove people to Christ, we invite them, and that invitation is the key part. I know you guys are in Provo, but I really hope you’re also finding ways to do missionary work–it’s so huge right now and we feel so honored to get to be missionaries right now to help transition the work over to the members more, and being a resource instead. It’s so cool to see how it all works!

And Dad, I’ll think about what you guys can specifically pray for for me. I haven’t really thought too much about that lately, so I’ll give it some thought and let you know. 🙂 The main thing Sis Hart and I always pray for is that we can have the spirit with us so that we can help everyone come unto Christ, so that’s never a bad thing. 🙂

Love you all so much! Hope you have a GREAT week! Happy b-day again to Jake the Snake, and hope your trip in Kentucky goes well Dad!


Sister Harrison 🙂



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