The North Pole!

[These photos were left out of the original post–sorry!]

WOW this week has been CRAZY!! SO many ups and downs and all arounds. Whew!

First of all, HUGE THANK YOU to Mike Weaver!! So fun hearing from you and getting even a tiny update on Glenhood! Seriously, made my whole day!

AND–Elder Davis! I don’t know if you’re checking my blog or anything, but we got your letters and it was so fun! Hope everything’s going well at the homestead and you’re transitioning back alright still! We miss you!

Okay, so first of all, big news for the week–I won speed last monday at sports!! Yeah, I know, like ME, Sister Harrison! Ah, it was so crazy! I don’t know if I was more shocked, or all the other missionaries. It was a super proud moment, not gonna lie. 

Oh yeah, apparently I need to do a run through of my P-Day’s, cuz that’s my most common question. SO, we wake up, throw in our laundry upstairs, workout, get ready, study, then we come to the UAF library and get an hour and a half for emails, including emailing president. Then we usually go shop at Fred Meyer, then go home and eat lunch/clean/write letters, and then we get together and have zone sports at like 2:30. We sometimes get there a bit late depending on what letters we still have to write and stuff. P-Day ends at six, so really, we just spend most of our time at sports, but we love being around other missionaries and getting our ‘people’ boost. We play b-ball, dodgeball, volleyball, the works, and today we’re mixing it up and carving pumpkins! Yay! So yep, there’s p-day in a nutshell.

Anyway! So Tuesday was rough. Not totally sure why. We had a super good lesson, WE could feel the spirit was SO strong, but they still just felt nothing. Just a bit disheartening. 

Wednesday was pretty decent though! Pres and Sis Beesley and AP’s and STL’s all came up for Zone conference this weekend so we got to take Sister Poudrier with us all day! Nothing too crazy happened, but we had an awesome dinner with Danielle who’s leaving to Samoa to get married! Man, already miss her. But, this wasn’t your ordinary member dinner. We had to wear p-day clothes and we got to eat spaghetti from straight off the table! And desert afterwards of course. Mom, you should know at least some of this from the LOVELY pictures she sent you that night. I know, you thought I had lost it, but she made me eat like that. But it made us really happy and I love seeing how Heavenly father kind of forces us to have fun and relax after stressful days like Tuesday. 


Thursday was just a continuation of this! After the tribulation comes the blessings! We had zone meeting with everyone and it was great getting to talk to all the new people and everything. Then we had lunch with Sharon who just got back from an awesome vacation, and she got to meet Elder Jones who took Elder Worwood’s spot, and Elder Conlin, one of the AP’s also came with us. Dad, he actually reminded me a bit of you in a funny sort of way, so that was fun for me. I’m just getting all these big brothers all around! Anyway, we had a great time and Sharon seemed to like the new Elder’s a lot, but then we had to rush out because Sister Beesley told us that all the sisters got to go to NORTH POLE to SANTA’S HOUSE!! So great! We drove up together and, well it felt like Christmas there, so of course it was great. Pics to come, and I got my t-shirts there and hot chocolate! 


We didn’t just go for complete fun though! We tried to OYM as much as possible (open your mouth) We had some cool experiences, nothing life changing, but just good interactions with people. At the end when I was checking out, I told them thanks so much and I seriously love it there, and one of the ladies was like, “it’s really just the spirit of the place” and I just started talking about how it really was because the spirit of Christ was there, and she looked a little shocked. Not offended shocked, but just a , “oh, I’ve never thought of it that way before” shock. Hope it made some sort of difference!


AND, I really love the shirts I got! You know how you buy things that make you happy for more than a day? Yep, this was one of those, because I’m STILL so excited about them! Honestly I felt like they were both little blessings from Heavenly Father, as tiny and insignificant as t-shirts are. But I really wanted to find some good shirts to remember my time here by, and these were perfect. And yeah, I’m kind of a dork and get really excited about things like this.


Anyway! Then we drove back and all had dinner together and then had our first district meeting with our new district, and it was really fun because Barrow Elders were actually here this time! Since they’re so far away they got to fly in this time so we had them there in person and got to get to know them. Turns out I actually went on a group date with one of them once! Haha, small world. But yeah, it was good to get some unity going again with our district. And we had a classic game of charades with Elder Rallis trying to act out Esther and yep family, I kept the tradition of panther going strong!

Also, there’s three elders who are super music-y, and they asked me to do a musical number with them! Ah, I was honored, but kind of nervous, but then they told me I had a beautiful voice, and it was such a good little confidence boost! This whole day really just taught me that God loves me, and cares about little things. 

Then Friday was Zone conference itself! Oh my, so much spiritual revelation flowing ALL day long, as well as AWESOME ideas for work to do in our area–oh guys, it seriously was INCREDIBLE! I wish I could tell you more, but there’s way too much that went on and so many thoughts I had. But just know it was a really spiritually uplifting day, and we came away with so many more ideas for area, and we especially got more unified as a district which was so nice after being SO sad missing our old one all last week. 


Also, it was a little fun because they asked the sisters for help planning an activity and I was able to use my planning skills and help come up with some fun games that everyone really enjoyed later–I love planning and it was so fun to use that skill a bit!

Oh mom–Sister Morrison’s in my zone!! yeah, crazy right?? I totally got a picture with her, but we both rocked the planning side together. Just carrying on the traditions of our parents, right?


So yeah, Friday was great, then Saturday morning was awesome because we got to drop the STL’s off at the airport to go home which meant we also got to join them for breakfast at Denny’s with President and everyone. We felt a bit special, even though we kind of just sat there a little scared with our little baby input on how zone conference went haha. So yeah! Then the rest of our day was a little rough. We just got stuck in this little rut that we could NOT get out of.

We did get to go to one of the coolest funerals I’ve ever been to though. The talks were short and sweet and talked all about the gospel and how kind and loving the man had been, and was because his body was just a vessel. It was just cool to see this sad time for the family become a time to preach the gospel to everyone the man had touched throughout his life and bring happiness instead of sadness. I hope that’s how mine is someday. 

That night we had a lesson that was fine, but we left just feeling very down-hearted and not good about our teaching or anything. Luckily the elders we’d been teaching with called us and told us we were doing a good job which we were really grateful for. But we went to bed and woke up still in a rut that carried on through a lot of that next day. Church though was great. We had a kind of random investigator come so that was a blessing. But also, we had some incredible talks during sacrament about overcoming challenges and trials, and then in RS we talked about feeling the peace the savior offers. It was much needed, and didn’t fix everything, but it helped a bit. 

So we kept going throughout the rest of the day still not feeling good, so during dinner, we just read the scriptures. It was so interesting because even though we felt terrible, we knew it would all be okay. To start our weekly planning we read Jacob 7:22-23 and decided to say a prayer that we would be able to feel better. I’m not sure what exactly happened, but Sister Hart was reading number five in the weekly planning steps, and it just hit her/me that we were doing a good job—that we were doing everything God want us to do here. It was so powerful and all of a sudden we could breathe again! And peace and the love of God was restored again, just like the scripture! I’ve never had such a quick turn around like that before, but it was so relieving! Sister Hart and I are calling it our ‘mission miracle’ and it just made us even more grateful for a loving Heavenly Father. 

My last thought is something President Duval (stake pres) said in sacrament yesterday. When the Lord was talking to Moses, his “anger was kindled against him” because Moses was being self-critical. God’s given each of us the gifts/talents/weaknesses we have for a reason, and being self-critical is being ungrateful for those things he’s given us. So, remember to be grateful for who you are! 

Love you all! Hope you’ve had an awesome week! You’re the best!

Sister Harrison


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