Windows of Heaven


So, you know that scripture that talks about  “Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse…and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.”? Well if not, good thing I put it right there so you can! That’s basically the story of this week. I’m pretty sure a mission is the best kind of tithing you can pay, aka your LIFE, and we definitely felt the blessings being DUMPED out on us so there was not enough room to receive them! But no complaints there!

The first thing is very literal–we literally had so many appointments and things to do that our planners didn’t have room for everything! It was awesome! We were so busy all day, every day.

Second, we had so many cool things happen that this EMAIL has no room (mm, mostly I don’t have enough time) for all the awesome experiences that happened! So, we’ll see what I get to!

This Halloween was the BEST Halloween of my whole life. Thanks to Mom, Sis Hart and I were not only the most festive missionaries around, but people! Everyone we taught had totally forgotten about Halloween, so we had to point out how well we had color coordinated. And it snowed! I can’t believe I forgot to take a picture! but it was really pretty, and now it just always feels like Christmas around here. Crazy.

Anyway, we had a really cool lesson that day. We had felt to teach this member something the night before, but as we were studying, we just kept feeling that wasn’t right. So we went and taught our other lesson and then had like half an hour to figure something out. Nothing was coming, so finally sister hart had the thought that maybe we needed to share a Mormon message with him. So I was looking through the list, and one of them completely stood out to me, so I told her to try that and the second it started playing, we knew we needed to show that to him. We had no idea what the rest of the lesson was going to be about or anything, but we knew we needed to start with this. And it was worth it. Although it was more of a rude awakening for him than a comfort, he said it was just what he needed. And we were able to listen to the spirit to know what to tell him after the video, all about the divine potential he has and to not get down because of the things he needed to change, but to remember the awesome person he has been, and that he can still be that ‘superman’. It was really cool. The irony in all of this–the lesson we had originally planned to teach him was “How to recognize the Holy Ghost”. Apparently that’s not what he needed to learn, but we got to learn it, and gain a testimony of it. The spirit really will show you ALL things you need to do and say to people. God works in mysterious ways sometimes, but they’re marvelous ways as well.

We also got to meet with Amber! Fifth Ward sisters started teaching her, but she’s YSA and is getting baptized on November 16th and is so ready for the gospel! We’ve learned with our other investigators that some people are more ready for the gospel than others, but she’s definitely one who’s ready! We’re so excited for her!


Time for a shout out to Katrina Miller. She is one of our Branch Missionaries, and is INCREDIBLE! I love her to death. She always comes to all of our lessons, not because she feels forced or guilt-tripped into it, but she really enjoys coming and helping us. She’s told us, “you guys are my life right now!” She’s the perfect person to meet with everyone because she doesn’t judge others, and is good at listening to the spirit and commenting when needed. We’re also just great friends with her. She took us out to dinner, and also snuck some pumpkin chocolate chip bread into our apartment.

Which leads to really the overall theme from this week. I LOVE OUR BRANCH MEMBERS!! Each one of them with all my heart! It’s almost ridiculous just how much! Friday night they had a ballroom dance activity, and Sister Hart and I were SO SO happy just watching THEM dance and be happy. It was crazy, but my love for them has just EXPLODED and I want each of them to find and be happy! It’s especially happened as we’ve been doing active member lessons. Our mission wants us to have one active member lesson a day, and to ask them how we can help THEM share the gospel. Well, turns out everyone at this age is really just struggling themselves, and so most of the lessons have ended with the spirit leading us to tell them how much God loves them, and how much worth they have. Everyone has so many insecurities, but God really does love them. I think feeling that is helping me see just how wonderful they are, despite any problems they may have. Man, it’s ridiculous, but I love loving them.

What’s also cool with doing this active member lessons and working with the branch so closely, is that it’s just showing me how much the spirit leads me, even before my mission. I remember telling you guys that I had a feeling I’d be a great support to the wards. Yes, investigators as well, but a lot of my work would be done in wards. And now I get to be here to help train the wards how to have THEM be the ones doing the finding! Super cool. Like I said, to many blessings, not enough room to receive them.


Also, the comp unity Sister Hart and I have is mind boggling. Yes, I did just use that word. But really, we are always thinking/feeling the same way, and when we teach, we always get the same promptings from the spirit, and afterwards we talk more about what we were thinking–and it’s always the same!! SUPER cool.

It’s also really cool to watch the members ‘catch the vision’. We taught our lesson yesterday and missionaries and member working together, and we ended up cutting out most of what we had planned because the members were already commenting all of it! The spirit was teaching them everything, and if the spirit was doing that, then I’d call it a success!

Guys, God really does love you, and he’s taking care of everything. Don’t forget how much you’re worth, and the divine potential YOU have. And now stop thinking about it, and go find a way to share the gospel with someone.


Sister Harrison 🙂



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