Walking in a Winter Wonderland


Alright kiddos–so every morning, we do ‘Recitations’, or we just repeat of bunch of memorized scriptures, and one of those is “My Desire” where we come up with our own! My current ‘Desire’ for is to “Cultivate an attitude of happiness. Cultivate a spirit of Optimism. Walk with faith, rejoicing in the beauties of nature, in the goodness of those I love, and the testimony which I carry in my heart concerning things divine” (stolen from President Hinckley). This week definitely hit a lot of those, but especially rejoicing in Nature and the goodness of those I love. And because of that, I have a bunch of pictures I get to send you!! So this EM’s gonna come in a few bits and pieces which hopefully isn’t to annoying.

First, THE SNOW!!!! AH, GUYS! I’m finally in Alaska! We had a little bit a few days ago, but then we woke up yesterday with a good five inches if not more. It’s so great and looks SO beautiful!! Sister Hart and I had to sing Walking in a Winter Wonderland on our way to church yesterday, because this is the most classic winter wonderland I’VE ever seen! We’re super excited to get some real Christmas music going! 

Also! We finally hit the negatives! Luckily it was only that one day, but BOY, it’s just nice and toasty!! I took a pic as proof–and well, yeah, let’s just say umm, it’s kinda cold.


Also, look how dark it’s getting! I tried taking a pic to show you that it was 3:35 and it was already getting super dark! It’s crazy! But pretty fun.


Yep, the snow came up to the bottom of the door.



Kaity, our cute eskimo buddy. 

But legit, she’s part native and that coat is one of their ‘traditional’ ones. We love her to death–she’s my basketball buddy that reminds me of Hay Bay. 


This one is really just a funny story. We were running a little late for our lesson with Jimmy, and then the lights for the train started flashing–of course we’d have to wait like 15 minutes more! So we stop and look both ways to see how long the train is….and this is what we saw. One teeny tiny little guy sitting there waiting to pass. Hahaha, it was to good, and we were able to make it to Jimmy’s lesson on time, which actually went surprisingly well! He’s not getting baptized this Saturday anymore because he hasn’t gotten his answer yet, but we’re not giving up on him yet. Plus, we’re still gonna have a baptism this Saturday…which I’ll get to in a bit!! 


Alright, here’s probably the coolest part of the week…maybe life. Guess what we got to do this week?? Remember how in fifth grade you learn about those cool lights in Alaska, and then you learn more about them in science class in middle school, and then everyone decides it’s their dream to see them some day, and they all tell you that when you get your mission call to Alaska? 


SO COOL, huh?? We heard they were a level four that night, so we got permission from Pres to stay out late and go see them. So we got all bundled up (cuz it sure was freezing) and went with our fifth ward sisters and followed the zone leaders to a place to see them, and they were SO great! Gonna be honest, they’d probably be a little cooler later at night, (they’re supposed to be best at like 2/3 in the morning) but since we don’t really have that option, I’ll take what I can get. And, I forgot to figure out my camera setting beforehand, so the pics aren’t ALL that great, but it was a GREAT experience and we had so much fun with our little group and were so excited just to witness God’s creations.

 So here’s some pics!


Alright, so that pretty much covers the ‘nature’ stuff for this week–now we get to move on to our fun p-day adventure last week!! We went out to the ‘Knotty’ shop…haha, I know, I know, it’s so funny for missionaries to say they’re going there. Don’t laugh too hard.

BUT, we found some pretty nifty/unique/cool/weird/funny/awesome things there–including a birthday present for Missy Hay that was going to get there in time until it was to big so it got sent back to me so I had to send it again so it might be a little late.


We all had a ROCKIN time together. We sure do love each other lots and it’s so fun having other little buddies here with us. We also bought some matching leaf necklaces, and accidentally barely didn’t break the law, as you can see from the pic about photo.


And then of course we had to head to North Pole to go back to Santa’s house again, so we got some awesome pics there.


And….then my camera died. BUT I got pictures on Sister Hart’s camera, but she’s uploading pics right now, so I’ll tell you about the baptism happening on Saturday! (I should probably talk about mission work a bit I guess…) SO fifth ward starting teaching Amber, who’s 20, so they switched her over to us. Can’t remember if I’ve told you about her already, but she’s been taking the lessons for about 2 weeks, and already knows it’s true and is totally ready and excited to get baptized. It’s probably the cutest thing EVER to get to see her SO happy excited about everything we teach her. She just soaks it all in–she’s really the golden investigator. She can’t WAIT to pay tithing, and it’s so cool to rejoice in HER goodness and see the light that keeps coming into her life. We’ve really spent most of our week with her I feel. Teaching her, shopping for skirts with her since she didn’t have any, going to dinner with her (thanks again dad for the subway gift card–it was delish!), and even attending someone else’s baptism with her. Which of course just made her even more excited. We’re SO SO excited for her and can’t wait to see what other incredible blessings god has to pour out on her. She honestly reminds me a bunch of Becca, my roommate, so it’s really fun knowing that someday she’ll be with a roommate like me! (She wants to go to BYU-I super bad) 

So there’s that happy, wonderful story. Next week, we’ll have some baptism pictures, and an adorable new member of the church. CAN’T WAIT!!

Checkin out reindeer!


Annnd….we all got matching onesies….


And our cute necklaces.


The North POLE!


Santa’s Sleigh!


Reindeer and the human coat rack while we tried on our onesies.


And that was my week! Love you all, and remember I love you and Heavenly Father loves you, and if you don’t know it–ASK!

AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HAYLEE!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! YOU can’t turn 17 yet, you just can’t. Enjoy your present, I’ll try and send a better explanation later.


Sister Harrison


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