“Yea, they shall not be beaten down by the storm at the last day.” Alma 26:6


Email from Dad: When we didn’t hear from you we finally decided to read the news!! Found out what’s going on. We assume you’re well and out serving somewhere. Good for you! Can’t wait to hear about the adventures Making a little blog update for you in the meantime.

Sister Harrison: Hey, I’m alive and well! We’ve had a crazy roller coaster p-day so we had to do emails last instead of first this week! 🙂

After Dad sent her the news article about Fairbanks: Haha, did he really declare it a disaster area? That’s funny. It really wasn’t too bad. Well I didn’t think. Well maybe. Bah, I don’t know.

Email after Dad sent her the blog post and photos: haha, WOW! I had no idea it was that bad in some places! Yeah, we were totally fine! But that picture of the grocery store is the Fred’s we always shop at! I think…Good thing we went to Wal-Mart today! 🙂

WOW. That was the longest fastest week of my life. Seriously, it’s been one big roller coaster!

First of all, I owe a bunch of thank you’s that I totally spaced doing last week! Thanks for the letters from Emily Montgomery! Also, Mama Madsen, that little Thanksgiving packet was like the cutest thing ever. AND Jeff and Julie, thank you so much for the package!! It was adorable and somehow you knew that I love peanut butter m&m’s! Loved it! It was also super fun getting a letter from Adrian! Ah, it brought back so many awesome Glenwood memories–hope any of you reading this are doing AWESOME! I sure love you guys–still! Oh and Dad, remember how I tried printing out the collage of everyone before I came, but it was square so we had to print it different? I don’t think we ever picked it up, but it you want to maybe try that one more time, that’d be rockin’. Then I can remember my awesome buddies there and the incredible blessings God poured out on me there!

And this week, thanks to Sister Mehew! I really appreciated the package! How did you know that this week was my week to drive so I’d be  needing some little gloves?? And I’ve loved everything else as well, and it was fun hearing how my fam bam is doing from an outside perspective. Love you!

Alright kids, so this week is transfers! We’ll find out what’s happening Friday night! Now that I’m done training (wait, what? When did I get that old??) I could end up going anywhere! If things happen logically, then Sis Hart will probably go and I’ll stay, but really who knows what could happen. Just in case though, I would probably send any mail this next week to the mission home address, not my current address. And if I don’t email you next Monday, it probably means I got transferred and am spending the day traveling! It’d be pretty interesting to get transferred right before Thanksgiving, so we’ll see what goes down! But really, I just feel very at peace–God’s going to put me where he wants me to go, and then I get to bloom where I’m planted! Well…try to.

SO, this week! I don’t really remember Tuesday much, but Wednesday and Thursday was when we had the crazy storms, so we ended up staying inside most of the time those two days–which was honestly kind of nice. Who doesn’t love sitting around reading the scriptures and conference talks? This girl does! It was pretty funny though the few times we DID go out. Once you get to week 11 of training, you get to switch roles of the senior and junior companion, which meant I got to drive! So the one time it’s really blizzardy and we get FREEZING RAIN, I’m the one driving. Haha, what are the chances. It was actually great though. I think you get extra blessed driving on missions. I wasn’t nervous or scared at all, and it was really fun to realize just how well I knew the area. Sister Hart hardly had to give me directions. And now I can say I drove in freezing rain in Fairbanks, AK. Whoo! It was also crazy because everywhere lost power. We didn’t, luckily, so we had no idea til later. I’m not sure about today, but as of yesterday, a lot of people, especially in NP, didn’t have power. Rough!


Fun Snow Storm Pics!

So yeah, those two days were quite uneventful. Friday was still pretty chill too. The one thing we DID do every day was meet with Amber to get ready for her BAPTISM!! Guys, it was probably one of the greatest things ever. First of all, I LOVE AMBER. She has SO much faith in the gospel and Christ, and she is so trusting of him. We love her to death, and her baptism was perfect for her. It was my first baptism, but it was really cool to see that she wasn’t just a ‘number’. Amber’s baptism was completely for HER, and changed HER life, and made HER more happy. It was so cute because we got there early with her, did her hair and everything, the talks were all addressed to her which was perfect, and we sang ‘A Child’s Prayer’ with her–which she’d been listening to on repeat the past week. It was really so great. AND, it’s been so cool seeing how it’s been blessing her life already. She had such a fun night that night hanging out with some of the branch members, which made us so happy! She also just has a different feel to her. I don’t know how to explain it, but she’s just more happy and confident–she recognizes it too, but I was sitting next to her during church, and I realized she just FIT and belonged there. Not that she didn’t before but, well, I don’t know how to explain it.

P1020428 P1020426 P1020425 P1020424 P1020422

My favorite part of Sunday was during Sunday School during THE MOST awkward lesson on the Law of Chastity. Amber leaned over to me at one point and said, “I feel so bad for the visitors–they’re going to think we’re crazy!” WE’RE! She said WE’RE! It was so fun to have us all be one happy group! loved it.

And, we did have visitors at church! Lots of them! We had one random guy show up who was taking the lessons down in Valdeez, but when he came up for school, he didn’t know where to go anymore. Well, he happened to stop by a class where our elders quorum president was giving a presentation on his mission, so he went and talked to him after to get the address! We’re super excited.

We had so many other people there as well–actives, less-active, non-members, the works, and along with them, we had a Seventy come! Elder Aidukatis and Elder Call came to our branch’s priesthood/relief society lesson and it was AWESOME. They started off by having people tell what questions kept them up at night, and then they went through and answered as many as they could–we went over by like 40 minutes, and everyone was sad we didn’t go longer. It was INCREDIBLE. The spirit was so strong there, and everything they said was spot on, especially knowing the different things people are going through. The coolest thing to me was that they were able to tie everything back to the atonement and the plan of salvation. It was so cool. The YSA side of me also enjoyed it–they talked a bit about choosing who to marry, and no I’m not thinking about it, but they definitely had some great tips that I’m going to remember later.

So that part was great, and then we got to introduce Amber to them! They were just great to her and made her feel so special. President Beesley was also there, so Amber got to meet him too! So awesome!

Also last little side note, we got to record songs for our CD’s with Sister Beesley, and it was so fun to use that talent for a bit. I love singing!

Well kids, I think that covers this week! In case I don’t get to write next week, Happy Thanksgiving! Love you to death and I’m SO thankful for you guys!! I’m so grateful to have been raised in such an incredible family. LOVES!

Sister Harrison


Ice Skating with Amber Bamber. P1020441 P1020439

Oh . . . And last week for p-day we went water color painting. Um, it has got to be the most relaxing thing ever. And look how cool my painting is! Neat, huh? Loved it!


Gin Gum Gin Chuck Nuk!!! It means I love you in Chuppich, one of the native languages here! thank you multicultural potluck froday night activity.


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