AND this Sister finally got her Alaska License!

So pumped. There are SO many good things happening in this branch and I am SO excited about them! Like seriously guys, MIRACLES. We had four people come to church yesterday who want to learn more. Two of them basically decided to walk in themselves, and two others were brought be members. Like do you realize–that’s FOUR new people to bring to the gospel–and they’re all willing and excited! And when you combine that with last week and all our other investigators, we’ll be teaching about ten people now. Now I know compared to Brazil or somewhere that might not sound like a lot, but my whole time here we’ve been teaching about 2 investigators on average, and it’d been over a year since this branch had seen a baptism (until Amber of course). But all of a sudden, we’ve just had these incredible people dumped into our laps! Like I said a few weeks ago, God’s just pouring out so many blessings that there’s not nearly enough room to receive them all.

The other funny thing–almost all of them are military guys. It’s going to be super cool to see this play out, because we feel that the Elder’s Quorum needs more unity, and what’s more unifying than helping bring others to Christ together? I can’t think of anything better!

SO, if you’re wanting to pray for anything, pray that we’ll be able to keep in contact with all these new people and not let anyone fall through the cracks! What a great challenge to have to learn how to handle having bunches of investigators! Wow, I’m still just a little in awe. So, so, so pumped.

Um, okay so that was really my most exciting news for the week, but I guess I can tell you a few more details about the week! Wednesday morning we dropped Sister Frazier off at the airport for a doctors appointment, and she’s heading home tomorrow! I was actually way sad about it and actually cried a tear of two. Hadn’t been expecting that, but goes to show how close you come to people on your mission. Mom, I gave her your number so she should be calling you for a dinner appointment!

Since we dropped her off though, we got Sister Lind for the past few days! Man, it’s been so great! Sister Lind is fantastic and has been such a blessing to have. She’s so kind and energetic and talks to EVERYONE. She’s been such a great example to me! It’s also been really cool because we’ve been covering both of our areas so I’ve gotten the chance to meet a lot of her awesome people she’s teaching. It’s also meant a lot of really long days too. On Saturday we came home for a twenty minute nap during lunch…and our alarm didn’t work so we ended up sleeping for like forty minutes. Tender mercies right there–Sister Lind remembers for sure seeing the alarm she set saving, but Heavenly Father realized we were getting a bit run down and let us chill a bit longer, and then we all woke up at the exact same time, which happened to be right in time to head out to our next lesson. Coincidence? I think not!


And sometimes we have sleepovers in our onesie pajamas… IMG_1377

Thurs and Fri were a bit stressful as well because we were waiting for transfer calls–by the time Friday night came around we were jumping at every vibration of the phones. But they finally came, and it’s been quite the relief just kNOWING what’s happening. Sis Hart is heading down to Anchorage and my new comp is Sister Hallmark! I only kind of know who she is, but the few times I’ve seen her, I’ve always wanted to be her compy comp, so should be great! I have a really, really good feeling about this transfer! Oh also, we’ve been assigned to also work in second ward to work with the single sisters. Apparently there’s like 85 of them, so the Elders were having a bit of a hard time covering them. We still get to work with YSA of course, but when a lot of them leave for the Holiday’s, we’ll still have stuff to do! Should be great! And hey, that means I’ll get to be here for the next three major holidays! I’m so pumped! Couldn’t ask for anywhere better to be for my fav time of the year! (Still feel free to send those Christmas CD’s….)

DSCF0909 DSCF0920

Love these goofballs so so much! IMG_1309

Transfer Breakfast!! P1020484

And fun little tidbit, Sister Lind and her awesome new companion Sister Claspell have been called as STL’s for up here! (Sister Training Leaders, incase you forgot) We’ve only had the one set before, so they were kind of like Girl versions of AP’s, but they’re supposed to just be more like a district leader, so I think it’s super smart to have some up in Fairbanks now too! Especially since we’re so far away from Anchorage. Now we’ll get to go on exchanges with them! Can’t wait! They’re going to be incredible.

Oh, other fun little tidbit, Sister Lind and I sang in Sacrament meeting yesterday! Yep, super random, pretty last minute, but it sounded alright. Thanks Dad for helping me do that so many other times so I could be prepared! Sister Hallmark’s sings as well, so pretty sure we’re gonna be doing lots of caroling together! Can’t wait!

Also, Elder Pawson’s coming up to Fairbanks and is gonna be in my district!! He’s the 25 yr old one year convert that I was in the MTC with, so I’m super pumped to have him here. Most everyone else in my district is staying–thank goodness because I love them all to death! Seriously, they’ve been the best support system for me these past few weeks and I don’t know what i’d have done without them.

Oh yeah, and the weather. Guess I should mention that. Yep, we hit -30’s this week. And yep, it’s cold. Haha, luckily it warmed up after that day, so we walked outside and were like, “Man, it’s so warm!!”. Then we checked–it was like 10 degrees. Hey, I’m adjusting! And Dad, that coat you got me sure came in handy! THANK YOU again!


[from Dad]

BTW, you guys have been ROCKIN it lately with the letters! I think I got a letter from everyone two weeks in a row! They were much needed, and deeply appreciated, so thanks. And I loved that gratitude ones! Feel free to keep that up, cuz it was super good to hear. Dad, your letter, of course, was more than spot on, but I’ll send you another email with more detes about it.

I’m SO SO grateful though to see how many things God’s blessing you all with that YOU can be grateful for! So good to know that my family is being well taken care of so I don’t need to worry about you and can just stay focused on the work.

And since it’s Thanksgiving, thanks for just being the wonderful people you are. The more I’m out here, the more I appreciate our family. I mean, we love each other, and even LIKE each other! We like hanging around each other, and we build each other up and support each other. When we’re having bad days, we do everything we can to help each other, and when we’re doing good, we celebrate with each other. I’m coming to realize JUST how rare that is and I don’t know how I got so spoiled.

I’m grateful for all you, I’m grateful to be serving my mission and to be serving it here, I’m grateful for Heavenly Father and the constant, consistent love he has for us, I’m grateful for the gospel He’s given us, I’m grateful for the Holy Ghost and the promptings we all receive from it, I’m grateful for people who act on those promptings and bless my life so much, I’m grateful for happiness, I’m grateful for gratitude so we can have a positive attitude and see the good things God’s blessed us with. And I’m grateful that when we’re not perfectly grateful for everything all the time, we have Jesus Christ and his Atonement to make up for it.

Love you bunches, think of me and the five thanksgiving dinners I’ll be eating this Thursday, and hug each other extra hard for me while your there.

Love, Sister Harrison


Right in front of our house!
P1020463 P1020465


Poor non-member, didn’t realize you don’t really touch missionaries. I didn’t know what to do with myself.IMG_1383

Classic sis Hart with one of our members.


One of our AWESOME branch Members, David Passey, is a welder and made us missionary nametags made of Stainless steel!! Yeah, we’re Missionaries of Steel, don’t even worry about it.


One thought on “THIS GIRL’S STAYIN!

  1. Love the driver’s license photo, and the moose. Looks like a lot of fun. Go Ali! All of Alaska will be baptized by the time she gets home.

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