Serving With Santa


Yup–in an igloo!

Hey, hey beautiful friends!

WOW, what a CRAZY transfer week! I don’t know if I’ve ever grown so much in one week before. Started the week off by dropping little Sister Hart off to head down to A-Town (Anchorage). Didn’t really think about it too much until a few days later, but I definitely miss her! I’m so grateful for her willingness to work hard and be exactly obedient. We weren’t perfect at it always, but we sure strove for it with everything we had! It’s also been pretty cool to see how well she did train me. Even though she had just finished her training, she knew her stuff and I feel really on top of things. Love it!

So after dropping off Sister Hart, Sister Lind and I were home free! Two little Greenie breakers breaking each other! And let me tell you, it ROCKED! Sister Lind and I are probably most definitely going to be best buddies for life. We were able to have two of the BEST comp studies of my whole mission so far, and she made me feel so good. She’s incredible at loving others and finding the good. Not just like nice little compliments about clothes and hair, but the awesome qualities of your SOUL! It pretty much rocked, and I’m SO SO grateful for her, I can’t even tell you. Thanks to her, I’ve been feeling so much better and have been able to start off my new companionship/this transfer feeling on top of things and full of hope.

It was also pretty fun because since she’s an STL, she had to go to the leadership training meeting, which is just for DL’s, ZL’s and STL’s, but guess who got to sneek in there? This girl! Maybe one of the only times in recorded history that an outsider has gotten to come, and I really liked it. It also went for five hours, so we didn’t get a whole lot of work done, but I sure learned a lot.

So then Thursday morning got to pick up Sister Hallmark! Whew, that sure was a tiring Thanksgiving, that’s for sure! I had to do all the driving and updating Sis Hallmark on who’s who and their story–that’s probably where most of the growing up this week came from, besides Sister Lind and I figuring everything out on our own. But it was still a good day, although it didn’t really feel like Thanksgiving much.


AND, it ended up being more fruitful than we’d thought it would be! The last house we went to was the Maines–I’ve mentioned them before–who’ve been having people over for forever! So we dropped in and Gabi, our awesome swim team girl, was there with two fellow swimmers! Man, God sure is in the details of things, because we were able to totally connect–I think mostly because I can speak swimmer! It was really the coolest thing ever, because we were able to get to know them really well, and we just clicked. And they were all smiley towards us and I think they could feel God’s love from us for them! It’s so cool to see how God’s able to draw on my past swimmer experiences to connect with people in order to bring them closer to Christ. One of them is a sprinter just like me and we got along particularly well.

Then it was even cooler, because later one of them asked if she could meet with us some time! Then last night we had dinner at the Maines again and invited the other one to join us and she didn’t even hesitate to say yes! It was really cool and I’m so excited for them! Not to be totally creepy or anything, but I just can’t stop thinking about them and what a blessing they are! I’ve never felt this sort of connection with someone before after meeting them twice, but they both mean so much to me and I want to do whatever I can to help them! Thank goodness we have the Holy Ghost to show us all things that we should do so that we can take care of their cute little souls.


The main other exciting thing this week is we went to Santa’s house–Again! Haha, you guys are probably going to get so sick of hearing that soon. Don’t worry though, this time we went to do some service! They have this big ice carving festival up there for Christmas, so we got to go serve up there and help clean up ice chunks and garbage…and test out their ice slides and meet the real, legit Santa and become best friends with him. Um yeah, go back and read that last part of the sentence again. BEST FRIENDS with THE Santa Claus. No joke, we met him and were so excited about him and his story, and he was so excited that we were so excited, and then about twenty minutes later, he comes walking out in his Santa suit, just so he could take some pictures with us! yep, Santa wanted pictures with the missionaries. Okay, more like he wanted to give us the chance to take pictures with him and fulfill all our childhood dreams, but the main point is, we’re best buddies. Pics to come!



Oh and my compy-comp! Sis Hallmark is from Texas so she’s having lots of fun with the negative weather and freezing nose hairs. She actually came out with Sister Hart and served in Anchorage YSA, then Sitka, then Juneau. She’s a beautiful singer, and is really good at reading people!


Let’s see, I think that pretty much covers everything. Had a cool experience meeting with a less active in 2nd ward–just being there at the right time for her. Also got to go to a baby shower where this Sister had invited a bunch of non-members that we got to talk to. Basically, God’s keeping us busy now with getting to cover 2nd ward sisters, and pouring out investigators in YSA. Pretty cool stuff, and I’m super grateful for it.

God loves us so much, and Dad, like you told me in your letter, that doesn’t come day in and day out. It’s constant and always there. Yep, that even means He loves YOU, whoever you are reading this. And he doesn’t want us to forget it, so pray to know if he loves, and don’t stop until you know it’s true.

Because it is.

Love you all, have a great week!

Love, Sister Harrison

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P1020523 P1020527







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