Miracle After Miracle


Um, wow, I don’t really know where to even start this week. This whole week has been ABSOLUTELY incredible, with miracle after miracle. I finished reading the Book of Mormon about Faith two weeks ago, and ever since then I’ve just been pumped up, and well, full of faith, and it’s bringing about miracles! Go study Moroni 7, focusing on faith. It’s pretty rockin. 

I think it also got kick-started at transfer meeting when Pres Beesley set a new goal for our mission to get 50 baptisms per month–which we can totally do! We’re currently at like 25, but hey, if we’ve got faith in the goal, we can get there.

As a district we’ve also started praying for each missionary by name each night, and some of the people they’re teaching. And it’s working some pretty cool miracles as well. 

Just lots of faith and miracles happenin’ up in good old Fairbanks here! Haha man, I really don’t know where to start! I think Wednesday was one of my favorites. We were going to teach Jake, but he ended up bringing Marc, one of our potential investigators, so we got to teach him the Restoration! And he LOVED IT. Seriously, I haven’ seen anyone drink it up so fast. We handed him the book of Mormon at the end of the lesson but before we could even explain anything, he grabbed it and said, “I’m a Mormon! I’m gonna raise all my kids Mormon and start a new generation!” haha, best response ever! So when we asked him to read and pray about it, he said, “Yes I will!” with a little arm swing in there, and then when we asked if he would be baptized, he said of course! We’re going to teach him again today and will hopefully get a date for him! 

One other really cool story about Marc–he was at church and one of our members he was by got really mad and swore a couple times. Yeah, we weren’t super happy about that. But Marc called us later and said he wanted to apologize for the member saying that and that that he had no reason to, but that he wanted this member to come to his next lesson because the member needed it more than he does. Um yeah, if that doesn’t blow you away, I don’t know what would. Marc rocks. Oh, he’s also black from New York if that doesn’t make him twenty times cooler.

So gifted at setting up Christmas Trees for dances!!

We’re also teaching Ethan! He’s a rockstar. He’s really thinking hard about everything, which is kind of good, but we felt impressed to ask him how he FEELS instead of what he thought. He said, “I feel the ability to do something good”. Coolest way I’ve ever heard the spirit described! Now it’s just helping him realize that IS the spirit he’s feeling. Course, I think he already realizes that it is but isn’t quite sure how to feel about that. Sorry, I’m rambling a bit on him, but there’s a lot of discerning to do when it comes to a thinker like him. He’s super awesome though and at Priesthood yesterday he started up this whole sign-up sheet for Elder’s quorum activities–everyone was blown away by him. 

Church was so awesome! We had SO many people come that’d we’d been hoping would, including George who we’re going to start teaching Wednesday–no one was fellowshipping him very well because they thought he was a member already. Wah-wah. Amber also is just FLOURISHING! Ah, my goodness, it’s SO cool to get to see how much she’s grown just in the last few weeks since having the gospel in her life. She bore her testimony in church and did an incredible job! She’s serving a ton in her calling and is rocking the social scene as well and is friends with almost everyone. I just look at that compared to the girl who would only stay with us the first little bit and am BLOWN away! The gospel really does bless your life and make a difference!!! 

We also had Brandon come up and tell him that his military buddy came up to him the other day and said he wanted to come to church with him and meet with us–totally out of the blue! Guys, we literally have investigators falling right into our laps! (okay, maybe not LITERALLY like that Studio C episode, but you get my point)

We’ve also had some really cool lessons with our members, and this is what I’ve learned–READ YOUR SCRIPTURES AND PRAY EVERY DAY!! Just do it. It’s so simple and it fixes almost everything else. It’s what keeps your testimony and faith going, and it’s just SO much better to do it. So, just read your scriptures. And Pray. Every day. Satan will make you think it’s not important, but be humble enough to realize that something that simple WILL make a difference. Hope I got that point across.

Saturday was so wonderful. It hasn’t really felt like Christmas till then, but then we got to help set up for the YSA dance in the morning and then go help out at the Nativity around the world thing and meet people and help show these adorable 3 year old twin girls around–just lots of service, lots of love, it was wonderful.

The dance that night ROCKED! We could go for the first bit while they just played Christmas music we could actually listen to, and everyone looked so happy. It was so fun being in our little building with Christmas lights seeing everyone all decked out and looking so happy just to be there. Ah, the church is true. The gospel’s true.

I have been SO grateful for Love this week. I’m reading the Book of Mormon for Love this time round and it’s making a difference. I love getting to work so hard and get home EXAUSTED because I loved and served so many people that day. I love the missionaries and people I get to serve with, and I love Heavenly Father SO much for giving me all these amazing opportunities!

Pray we can handle all this awesome work load we have, and I always pray for you too! 

Love, Sis Harrison


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