Merry Christmas!!

[sent Monday Dec 23rd]


Hey Fam Bam!

Man, it feels like a lifetime and half since I last talked to you! Such a long week, but I survived!! Yay! 🙂 
First of all, I GOT ALL THE PACKAGES! The tree!! Ah, it makes my day every day!! Mom, you sure were inspired in sending that because it’s helped me out SO much! And thanks to all my Glenwood buddies for helping out! I love you all and MISS you! 🙂 And Ashley, you have to let me know where you get called to! You’ll be amazing!! 
THE CD!! I was SO EXCITED!  I can only imagine how much time you spent picking them out, so thank you. 🙂 Number 5’s our favorite. So happy! 🙂
On Wednesday I got all my Christmas–I was shocked! I was expecting maybe a present or three, but you sure outdid yourself! I can’t wait to see what’s inside! And don’t worry, unlike pretty much everyone else, I’m staying strong and not opening them early. 🙂
My zone loved their little gifts too! The Christmas card!! AH, I loved it! SO great! And all my info’s on there, so now people will be writing me left and right, right? Cough cough. 🙂 But yeah, our zone’s been having a little rough patch–I think a lot of it has to do with the light–so the little gift was a nice little boost I think. 🙂 
I also got some packages from the Marriott’s and the Matt and Mette Harrison’s! THANK YOU! The bracelet is PERFECT, and the stocking was SO cute! 🙂
Basically you’re all giving me the BEST christmas ever and I’m SO SO grateful for it! 
And I get to see you so soon! I’m pretty sure this is going to be one of the best Christmas’s EVER. 
Alright, enough with the all caps about everything that I’m excited or happy about. But just know I’m grateful, and merry, merry Christmas!
SO, highlights of the week–exchanges! I got to go with Sister Claspell who’s got one transfer left–Um, she’s absolutely incredible! I learned so much and she just helped me have so much fun. 🙂 probably one of the best days of my mission so far. 🙂
Also, teaching Dani and Bente and Gabi one last time! Ah, so sad, but it was a good last lesson. 🙂 And if any of you three read this, I hope you’re doing SO awesome and are having a blast with your family AND that your Book of Mormon reading is going GREAT. 😉 
Oh and thanks for accepting all my friend requests on FB. (: And sorry I keep doing smiley faces. I know they look dorky on the blog, but sometimes you’ve just gotta put some smiles in there. :\
Okay, other highlights…we got to meet with the EQ and RS pres and they are SO awesome! They’ve got some great ideas and visions for what to do to help out in the Branch, and their exact things Sister Hart and I had talked about, but weren’t sure how to change. Well, now it looks like that’s because it wasn’t really up to us–it’s all them! We just get to help out however we can. 
Got to go play Bingo at the retirment home, and this cute guy gave us a bouqet of flowers he’d won! So cute! Then we went caroling there again that night with YSA. Too good! [Clarification–I just read through this, and when I said “cute guy who gave us flowers”, i meant, ‘a cute elderly retired man named Pard gave us some flowers’. Don’t worry! I’m keeping my heart locked!! :)]
We also had a fun Christmas party with 2nd ward! We finally got to introduce ourselves to a lot of people so they actually know we’re in the ward now. Probably good, huh? (: 
I think yesterday was probably my favorite though, besides exchanges. I was SO exausted and didn’t know how I’d survive the day, but I remembered the Birthday Secret. Now, I won’t say it on here for the whole internet world to see, but basically, I just made it my goal to make sure everyone ELSE had a super sunday, and then I’d have a better sunday. And it TOTALLY worked. Which isn’t surprising. But I was still grateful for it. Then we did some really fun district caroling and got some we think good potentials for 1st ward. Pretty rockin stuff! 
Got some really good things lined up for Christmas and Christmas Eve, so should be great! Can’t wait! 
Well, hope YOU all have a great Christmas, and make sure especially that everyone AROUND you has a great one too. 🙂 Hugs all around, Merry Christmas, Gospel’s true, peace out. 🙂
Love, Sister Harrison

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