Born to be a Missionary!



AH! It was so good to see you all a few days ago! Haha, like SEE you! Man, that sounds crazy. Gee, I really can’t tell you how much of a blessing that was! Everything just went so perfect! I always hear these things about how the time just goes by too fast or how they forget everything they’d been planning on saying, but I think our little skype time was literally PERFECT. Kind of odd of me, but I actually hadn’t had any expectations for it. Haha, I really AM changing I guess. But I couldn’t have asked for a better skype sesh. We got to talk about everything I’d kind of been wanting to, and I got some Hay-Bay time, and just got to share a little bit of this amazing adventure I’m on with the people I love and care about most! It really felt like I was teaching a lesson, and the spirit just kept bringing different thoughts to my mind to talk about, and yeah. It was just perfect. So good to get to pray with you all again once too.

I think the coolest thing though was when you told me that I’ve changed. Sister Hallmark and I spent a lot of time talking about that after, because her family had said a lot of the same things too. We see ourselves everyday, so we don’t realize the growth we’re making. But to have the people who know us best see what HAS changed is a huge eye opener. I saw a vision of what I’ve grown into, and it’s really cool to look in detail at all those little things. But even better, it’s given me an even greater perspective of who I’m going to become. I really hate typing sometimes because I can’t convey it very well, but it gave me a greater sense of everything that Heavenly Father wants me to grow into. And I don’t have to be prideful about it, because it’s all just a blessing from him, but there’s SO much more that I get to become, and having that sense of who that Sister Harrison is is what’s leading me and guiding me more, and helping me in making every decision and act. It’s really super cool, and I can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen between now and the next five months when I get to see you next!

Well, I don’t know if that makes any sense at all, but that’s what I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about. As a side note, it’s also been really cool to see how much Sister Hallmark’s grown, and how much we’ve grown together, as we’ve worked through the different challenges we’ve faced. It’s been really cool and bonding and we’ve learned so much about just finding joy in the journey and being grateful in ALL things. It’s made a huge difference, so you’re welcome to join us in finding the little things to be grateful for everyday. It for sure makes a difference.

ALSO–THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE FOR EVERYTHING CHRISTMAS!!! I am so so so blessed from all the packages/gifts/cards/note from everyone!! They meant the world to me, and I had THE BEST Christmas ever. And mom, everything you got ROCKED! Like seriously, awesome taste in everthing! LOVED IT!

P1020573Thanks Grandma Nita for the awesome treats!

P1020575Flowers from the Pioneer HomeP1020576 P1020595
Gangsta Sister Harrison

P1020598The Present from the Days!

P1020597Awesome Corey Day Presents!

P1020586 P1020585 P1020579Christmas Eve Present!

Oh, and we also did missionary work this week too. Lots of it actually! First, we’re were really nervous for the day after Christmas, so to keep in line with our whole ‘Joy in the Journey’ theme, we told ourselves that it was going to be THE BEST DAY EVER! We wrote it in our planner and everything, even though we had NOTHING planned. Well, we were totally right, and were super blessed for our positive attitudes. The weather was so cold that we couldn’t go out unless we had set appointments, and we only had like two. SO, we got to stay inside all day and deep clean and read scriptures, and yeah, It really was the best day ever! haha, so that’s our fun story for the week. But we also got to go see quite a few sisters from 2nd ward which was really great!  They are all rockin awesome, so it was really neat to get to see so many of them!

I think my favorite day was actually Christmas Eve though. We had THE BEST district meeting EVER. I told you about it on skype, but for everyone else, we did a training on finding Joy in the Journey which got everyone in the happiest mood ever, and then we each shared a ‘pure moment’ which brought the spirit in. Then we did a white elephant gift exchange at lunch which was a little anti-climatic, but then we each went around and shared our ‘conversion’ story–even if we weren’t necessarily ‘converts’. And let me tell you, talk about pure moments right there. There was the best spirit and feeling there, and I can’t think of a better way to spend Christmas Eve. And I seriously love our district so much. They’ve been SUCH a good support this transfer and I don’t know what I’d do without them.

And I think that pretty much covers everything. Sure was good to see you all, and I hope you have a FANTASTIC week!! Enjoy the rest of the break and remember the gospel’s true! Happy New Year!!

Love, Sister Harrison

P1020601Nice drive to the knotty shop this morning.


Ice skating with some of our zonies again! Got to meet some awesome investigators!

Oh and funny story you might want to throw on the blog…We drove out to Knotty shop today for a little sisters outing, and decided stopping at the actual north pole on the way home might be a good idea. Well, One of the sisters (who will not be named until further notice–but don’t worry, it wasn’t me or my comp) decided she really wanted a picture of her with her tongue on it. You can probably guess what happened from there. STUCK! So we all had a mini panic attack, but she eventually got it off. And now we have an awesome story about the time we almost got stranded in North Pole because someone’s tongue literally got stuck to it. Oh the life of an alaskian missionary.


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