Going to North Pole!!


So funny story…you know how you just got all those shirts from me a week ago? Well, it was not a coincidence, because if you just take a look at where they’re from, you’ll find out where I’m serving.

I’m getting transferred to North Pole baby! Yep, like the actual North Pole, with Santa Claus and everything. And they’re kind of close to teaching the actual Santa, so I could potentially help Santa get baptized.

So it’s like, kind of a big deal.

Haha, anyway, I’m really excited! I think it’s going to be super good! Transfers are always just another testament to me that God really does know our situations and what will be best for us. We were pretty sure I’d be leaving, but I think I would have been way sad to just completely up and leave Fairbanks. This way I get to just go twenty minutes south, and still be part of the same Zone and everything, and maybe even have some of my YSA visit on P-Day’s and stuff when we’re in town. Of course now I’ll just go make even more ties with people there and have to break those eventually too which will be even harder…but we’re just not going to think about that for now!


Typically found on the side of the road in Alaska…

As for Sister Hallmark, she’s staying in YSA and she’ll be training! The girl she’s training is from Anchorage and she’s just doing a kind of ‘trial mission’ thing because she has some headache problems. So she’s going to serve in Fairbanks for two transfers, and then go to the MTC for her mission. I’m still a little confused about the situation and if she has an actual mission call for somewhere else, but we’ll figure that out soon enough! Also unique about this is that Sis Hallmark will only train her for one transfer, and then she’ll get someone else to train her, I think so she can get the full experience. So yeah, cool stuff there.

My NEW comp is Sister Hewitt! She just finished training Sister Morrison in NP, so now I get to go join her! I’m really excited! We didn’t get to know each other super well these last two transfers, but she’s awesome. She was a professional dancer in LA before her mish with like an agent and everything, so it doesn’t get cooler than that.

I’ll be honest, I’m a little nervous, just because I’ll be getting a new area and comp at the same time, but I think I’ve learned and grown so much from this last transfer that it’ll all be okay. There’s kind of this little faith vs. fear battle going on inside right now, but I’m thinking I’ll hang on to Faith. It can do some pretty amazing things.

So yeah! My new address is 817 Unit B East 8th Avenue, NP, Alaska 99705. Not sure how you’d write that all out, but there’s the info.  And that’ll probably be my address for a while, cuz Pres usually leaves people in an area for at least two transfers. Which is kind of cool in itself because I don’t know many other sisters that get transferred to a new area in Fairbanks! It means I could easily be here for the first like 8 months of my mission! Almost half! Bragging rights, whoo!

Now for this week! Man, crazy. Seems like last Monday was FOREVER AGO, and also just yesterday. Goodness. I’ll let you know when I figure out the whole mission time thing. Aka, never. You got my shirts though!! Yay!! I’m SO SO glad it was such a good experience! They probably already told you, but they called me right before and right after! They said they loved you guys to death and that I have the coolest family ever. And well, what can I say? They’re totally right. And I hope you liked the shirts I chose and that they fit alright! You sure look pretty darn cute in them! And that was your Merry Christmas from me, so I hope you enjoyed them!

Oh also, happy new year! It’s so funny to me how anti-climatic New Years is, especially on a mission. We had to be in by 7, and all the FBX (Fairbanks) Sisters got together so we could Polycom (conference call) in to the mission ‘radio show’ where we talked about who we became this year, and who we can become next year! It was good!

Earlier in the day we had our LAST DISTRICT MEETING! Man, I love all of them so much! Every district meeting has just been a huge spiritual feast, and at least I’ve gotten so much strength from all of the other missionaries and their awesome examples. Gee, how am I so lucky?

The next day I kicked off the new year by going on an exchange with Sister Lind! It was perty fun. We got to visit lots of people and we’re just goof balls together. I never realized I was such a goofball, but it just keeps coming out in me more and more!


Other than that nothing super huge happened. We had a really good Thursday and got into a lot of people’s houses in Second ward. I sure love all of them. And side note, a few more people added my on FB if you want to accept those too. I know there’s at least one from Jake Babcock, and hopefully one from Naomi Johnson (super awesome mom in second ward that we had dinner with on New Year’s eve! Her husband’s deployed right now so she’s taking care of her three kiddos by herself, and she’s probably the cutest sweetest thing eva)!

Then Friday nothing too big except transfer calls–we were a bit distracted all day, but did have a really good lesson at the end of the day before we headed home. It was with this awesome guy in our branch named Jordan, but the coolest part was that First Ward Elders stopped by the institute to grab some water, so they ended up joining in teaching with us! Their area is super rough right now, so they barely get any lessons in, so letting them have that chance to teach again was so rockin. They were glowing!

Then Saturday Morn was Transfer breakfast–again! Man, I hope I start getting used to goodbyes eventually. Our whole zone is changing a ton. Sisters is mostly the same people, but a lot’s changing with Elders. I think it’ll be really good, but hard. As usual. Probably the biggest heart jerker is my little district. I already talked about them, but even five paragraphs later, I’m still going to miss them a lot.

We ‘almost got attacked’ by a ‘horse’–according to Sister Hallmark

The rest of Saturday we literally had every single appointment cancel, which was actually good because then I got to pack and everything. We did get to go to Pioneer home again to help take down decorations from Christmas, and that was really good. 2nd Ward Elders came and helped us finish up with the tree we were taking down and gave us some good tips on the next transfer, so that was great. I’m gonna miss service in cute little pioneer home. No more Bingo every Friday with them. 😦


SUNDAY. My goodness. Goodbyes up the wazoo. Had to say goodbye to 2nd ward people first, and then all my YSA’s. There’s always gonna be a little piece of my heart there with all those amazing people. I just love them all to death. It really is so true that when you serve others, you love them! They were all so cute though, and I’ve got plenty of pics coming! It also is kind of nice knowing that you made a difference. Then we got to go to the Day’s one last time for dinner, which was also good. It’s funny to me how many people I’ve gotten to know in the whole FBX stake just from being in YSA. I mean, you have to know everyone’s parents and friends and everything, so I feel like I just know SO many people! Oh! We also got to FaceTime Gabi, Dani and Bente on Corey’s phone! it was good to get to say goodbye to them too. (:

As sad as it is leaving though, I feel okay about it. I’m really grateful that I have a great love for them so that it hurts and is sad to leave. Because at the same time I just feel really peaceful about the whole thing. I think I did what I needed to, and now, even though it’s a bit different, NP needs me. (:

It’s also fun to look back on transfers and what you learned. And the theme Sister Hallmark and I picked was Finding Joy in the Journey and being Grateful for everything. It makes an INCREDIBLE difference and we grew and learned so much from it. I think this is a huge thing I need to work on–not just enduring, but loving the chance to endure. It’s been funny how many times we’ve had that message come back to us–studies, district meeting, talks, lessons. Everything keeps coming back to that, and I think it’s because that’s what LIFE comes down to. Finding joy and happiness in everything around you! And that’s why I loved this morning when Sister Beesley started talking about how we should ‘Endure to the End’, we should ‘Joy to the End’! And I’m gonna take that as my goal for this next transfer. Joy to the End!! Hope you all can do the same and find the happiness that brings.

Anyway, thanks for listening to me rant. Love you all and have a super good week!

Love, Sister Harrison


Sister Hallmark, Elder Poulsen 1st Ward, Elder Meek 6th Ward District Leader, Elder Gullerud 2nd Ward Zone Leader, Elder Newman 6th Ward, ME, (floor) Elder Rallis 2nd Ward Zone Leader, Elder Pawson 1st Ward!


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