Search Me, Try Me, Lead Me


Man, oh man. I don’t even know where to start. This week was INCREDIBLE!!! Seriously, miracle after miracle after miracle.

First of all, I LOVE SISTER HEWITT! She rocks my socks off. She’s my first companion who’s more than halfway out on her mission, so she’s just so good at missionary work! She’s also probably one of the most loving people I’ve ever met. We just have so much fun with each other, telling stories about anything and everything. We’re super similar in a lot of things, and both just want to be the best missionaries we can be. One super cool thing I know I mentioned last week is that she lived in LA for a few years as a dancer, so she pretty much knows all these really famous awesome people. SO fun to hear all her cool stories!

North Pole is AWESOME!! Before every appointment with someone, all Sister Hewitt can say is, “Oh, you’re going to love them”, and I do! Like everyone! I keep waiting to meet a family I don’t like. They’re all so awesome and do so much for us! I am SO spoiled here! 

Ah goodness, I don’t even know what stories to tell! So many good ones! Basic summary–we’ve just been able to invite the spirit into all of our lessons, and it’s lead us to do so many cool, awesome things! Whether it’s our ward mission leader, active members, less-actives, investigators, just so many cool things going on. 

GOOD NEWS–one of our investigators agreed to getting baptized! Haha, NP hasn’t had a baptism in a while and all of a sudden, Nathan agreed! He’s the boyfriend of one of the daughters of a family in our ward–the Averettes, who are super, super awesome–and we hadn’t even planned on inviting him to be baptized, but the spirit was there, and prompted both of us, so we invited and he said yes! I think I even remember him saying something a little later about thanks for asking. I think a huge part of it is having the Averettes be involved and making him feel comfortable. Members involvement makes all the difference. So yeah, first week here, already got a baptism. Haha, spoiled rotten, and really most of it has to do with all the hard work Sister Hewitt and Morrison were doing here. Now I just get to cheat and jump in on receiving all the blessings.

Oh hey Mom, thanks for sending me that little blurb from that conference talk! It’s been huge! I studied that, and then during comp study we looked up the actual scripture, Psalms 139: 23-24. SO GOOD. It stood out to us a ton, and we shortened it to Search me, Try me, Lead me. We’ve ended up using this in tons of our lessons and it’s made all the difference. There’s so many ways it ties into things, but mostly we talk about how this describes the refining process so well. First you have to desire to have God search you, and then he shows unto you your weakness and tries you so you can be better, and he leads you so that it all works for your good. And then Repeat! Love it.

I think Thursday was my favorite day of them all.  We started off doing and watched a bunch of Bible Videos which I’ve never really watched before. Oh my goodness, they’re so good! We were both just so happy afterwards and felt so much love for our Savior! Then while we were eating lunch, we got a few phone calls and texts from people that wanted us to come see them–which was really cool because we didn’t have anything set and were just going to try a bunch of people! God was looking out for us and leading us and guiding us all along the way. So we had some pretty good lessons, but our last one of the night was my favorite. First, before we went in, I prayed that we would know what to share with this recently baptized couple besides our little spiritual thought we usually do. I wasn’t really sure why I prayed for that, but thought it was interesting. Then we went in, and Sister Hewitt started talking about how they can go to the temple soon, and I felt super prompted to ask them why the temple is important to them. They didn’t really answer, and you could tell they weren’t really sure why. I wish I could describe what happened next better, but the spirit just came in as we talked to them, and finally we felt like we just needed to stop talking. So we stopped. And sat there. And waited. And they just kind of stared at each other, and Sister C was just sobbing. Finally she started talking about how she was going to miss him so much while he was going to be gone for the next month, so then we asked them, “If you’re going to miss him this much just for the next few weeks, how much would you miss him for eternity?”, and at that point, it kind of hit them both. She realized just how much she really would miss him, and he saw how much she would miss him too. So we re-commited them to work towards being sealed in June, and do everything they could to get there. It was really powerful and cool. Spiritual silences are the coolest.

Then it was even cooler because the next day we got to do a training on power and authority of our calling at zone meeting, and while we were studying the bullet points in PMG on pg. 4, we realized we’d had almost all of those happen! So then we were able to testify of them in our training, and once again have an amazing spirit there too. Super cool stuff.

We also had one other really cool lesson the next night, where we shared our little Search me, Try me, Lead me with a less-active. Oh man, again, I can’t describe everything we said and the spirit that was there, but at the end, she offered the prayer and said, “Thank you for showing me a light I haven’t seen in a while”. AH! It’s moments like that that I LOVE being a missionary. Helping people see the light and hope of the Gospel. Mm. Love it.

Otherwise, I just love being in NP. The apartment, the people, the feeling, just everything! And every night, Sister Hewitt and I just sit there and wonder how we’re so blessed to feel and be so happy. Such a good feeling.

Oh and Mom, Sister Clifford says hi. They’re a super awesome family in the ward, and the parents and one of their sons spoke in sacrament meeting yesterday, and they ROCKED IT! Seriously,  one of the best sacrament meetings EVER! And Sister Clifford and you would easily be best friends, so I told her that and she said to tell you hi. So…hi. 

And funny story, it’s even colder in NP than Fairbanks, even though we’re just twenty minutes away. And on Sunday’s, if it’s colder than -30, then you only have sacrament meeting, and it it’s colder than -40, you only have sacraments itself. Who even thinks about number like that? Oh wait, I do. So we only had an hour of church! Crazy stuff. 

So yep, that covers my week. Hope you could catch the happiness, and blessedness (is that a word?) I’ve felt this week. SO, so happy! 

Have a super awesome week! God loves you!

Sister Harrison



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