Love These North Polians!

P1020769This doesn’t capture how amazing it really is!

This week’s been so good! Also pretty weird, but really good at the same time! Haha.

I just love North Pole. So cute and little and gorgeous, all the time. And we’re getting more sunlight! Oh, so nice having that. And if you’ve been keeping up on the weather at all, it’s been up and down and all around this week! All the North Polians are shocked that they’re getting 30 degree weather in January. It’s normally their coldest month! Course, you aren’t hearing any complaining from this girl! Or Sister Hewitt. She does NOT like the cold at all. I’ve also heard there’s been some crazy negative weather down in the lower 48 (haha, can’t believe I just called them that). Signs of the times, anyone??


Shout out time to Sister Jakins and Mom! Sister J, cutest package ever–we were both amazed how you fit everything in that box! And I was pretty excited at first to see you’d sent us a new phone! And Mom, how did YOU fit all the stuff in that box?? Holy Moly! We loved all of it though! Tell Emily thanks for the Calendar! I love it! And the pillow case was SO cute! Definitely loved the whole sunshine idea! I’ll have to send pics of everything next time. But thank you, thank you! If I have any control over it, you’ll both get some rocking blessings this week.

And shout of to Steff Bird! I love you and am so happy for you!! Send me a wedding invite! I probably won’t make it, but I want one anyway.

And thank to Courtney and Amy for takin care of my Hay-Bay for me!

Anyway, I really don’t even know where to start this week! The main thing that stands out is just all the time I’ve spent with Sister Hewitt. We do a lot of driving around in this area trying to get in to visit people, and this week there’s been a lot more not getting in. So, we’ve just gotten to get to know each other really well and talk all the time about everything! It’s kind of bad because we’ll sit down at night to plan, and end up talking for like an hour about anything and everything. But even though we have to rush to get to bed by 10:30, I love it. And we’re both learning so much from each other. Man, it’s so great.


Wednesday was one of my fav days. We’d been driving around all day and had gotten in a few places, but had just had really weird awkward lessons there. Not sure how to explain it, but yeah, they were just weird. BUT then we had our lesson with Rob and Jenny–Rob’s a potential and jenny hasn’t been in a while. Anyway, we showed up and they were so cute! They had cleaned their whole house and had little treats for us and everything. Ah, so cute. So we started teaching them and they are thinking of having kids soon so they want a good religious home to raise them in! So we started using some How to Begin Teaching points, and I felt like I needed to tell the last bullet point about how wanting to be baptized is a natural result of learning the truth of the gospel. And that stuck. We couldn’t get off the subject of baptism for the whole rest of the lesson, and then Sister Hewitt felt super prompted to ask Rob to be baptized and he said yes! So awesome! Man, I wish I could give you more details about the whole thing, but just know it was so good!

So then we rushed over to another ladies home and were able to share an awesome message with her because she’s ready to move past the offenses made a while ago and go through the temple and everything! I told her she should read President Monson’s talk, “You Never Walk Alone” as we were leaving and she texted us later saying she was just crying as she read it and it was just what she needed. SO COOL!

So yeah, those were some of my highlights this week. I’ve also just loved meeting some of the members in the ward. Sunday night was seriously my favorite. We got to meet the Eckman’s and the Chase’s and the Bruntz and I just love them all to DEATH! They have the coolest stories ever are just so awesome! Man, loving them makes it all worth it.

Oh, we also have another guy who’s a potential named Tim–he’s SO smart and reads the Bible in Hebrew and we just have a super good feeling about him, so can’t wait to see where that ends up going! Stay tuned the next few weeks!

Of course, time in a mission is just crazy. One week is like the equivalent of a month sometimes. Because all in a week, our other investgator who agreed to be baptized had a little breakup with his member girlfriend, and even though we still see potential there, that whole situation has become a little awkward, and Jenny texted us and said they want to wait a while before they meet with us again. Haha, so stay tuned to see what’s happenin here in North Pole next Monday, cuz these stories are gonna be better than the latest blockbuster! Maybe…

Otherwise just had lots of cool spiritual stuff go down this week. Insights, revelations, super awesome insightful studies, (Oh guys, I’m such a nerd! I LOVE study time SO much!!) you know, the works. One thing that stood out a lot to me during a talk on Sunday is the power we have to pray for people to be healed–mentally, spiritually and physically. I don’t think I utilize the first two very often, but we all need some healing. Also just the power of loving people. We watched 17 Miracles with all the sisters yesterday and watched the making of it afterwards and they talked about how most of the miracles had to do with food because that’s what they needed. Food was their basic solid form of nourishment. And in modern pioneer days, I think that nourishment is just love. So many people need that love, and I think that’s one of my main roles as a missionary, and specifically for me. To just love people. I’ll take it! Also, we’ve been able to have the spirit with us so much in our companionship, and it’s so cool to be shown what to do and say and what it brings to our remembrance. Oh gee, I love being a missionary. Can’t wait to go more in detail on all this stuff someday!

Oh hey, speaking of which, today’s my click day! Five months exactly kiddos! One month and I’ll only have a year left?? Where does the time go?

Well, I sure love you guys TO DEATH! I say it every week I think, but it really is true. Thanks for loving me enough to let me come here! Good luck with ALL your stuff going on! I know I really don’t know a ton about most of it, but I pray for you every night, and I know God’s watching out for you all!


Sister Harrison

P1020730 P1020760 P1020757 P1020728

When it gets below -35 our apartment gets a little cold so we borrowed the cutest little heater ever!!P1020726 P1020722 P1020717

One of the main things we do for service is help out with Christmas in Ice! IMG_3699

Jared boy! The cutest little guy on the face of the planet!! IMG_3669 IMG_3651 IMG_3649 IMG_3647 IMG_3637 IMG_3630 IMG_3628



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