Tropical Weather and Malaria in North Pole!


Just coming in from a balmy 17 degrees outside. I hear you lower 48ers are getting to experience Alaska weather! Fun! How are you likin’ it? I hope you love it, cuz we’re sure appreciating the tropical degrees you’re giving us!

Ah man, every week an adventure, that’s for sure! And this weeks fun adventure–the plague! Yes sir, the flu has been going around the area, and I was the lucky missionary to catch it! Whoo!

Don’t worry, it really wasn’t to bad, and it’s actually a cool story that shows just how much God is in the details. So, Tuesday night we went on exchanges, so I went with Sister Claspell to work in 5th Ward! So we get in bed all excited to work together the next day and then middle of the night–SICK! So she made me go back to bed in the morning and I slept till like one and she told me I didn’t even need to worry because she’d tried setting up appointments for our exchange, but everyone kept saying any day BUT Wednesday. We weren’t even missing anything or having to cancel anything! And the cute family they were having dinner with brought us dinner instead! So then I just slept that whole day! And I mean, I was sick so it wasn’t necessarily a relaxing thing, but I did get to sleep and recover so that was a huge blessing. And then the next day we were supposed to switch back but the roads were to icy (thanks to the warm weather) so we had to stay in a lot of the day! And once we finally switched back, we didn’t have time for much except district meeting! It was pretty great.

Then the next day was my 2nd Zone Conference! Man, I love those things let me tell ya. First, it was nice because all I had to do was sit around all day, cuz I was still feeling a bit under the weather. I also wasn’t sure how I’d make it through the whole day, but I was SO blessed and had enough strength and energy to fully participate. So grateful. And the whole conference itself was AWESOME. Seriously, so good. Wish I could tell you all about it, but it sounds pretty pathetic over email. Just know there were lots of fun moments, spiritual moments, and we learned a lot! One fun thing we did was a ‘Gauntlet’. We’ve been getting ‘Back to Basics’, aka the 8 fundamentals of preach my gospel,  so we had to act out the process of helping someone get baptized, but to help them Read the Book of Mormon they had to go through all these ‘lazers’ (string) and to go to church they had to make it through the ‘windmill’ (the AP’s waving brooms up and down). pretty creative.


So yeah! It was super good. Got to spend some time with the Beesley’s the next day for some interviews and lunch, so that was wonderful–they do SO much for us it’s ridiculous.

Otherwise, my fav thing was going to a special thank you dinner for everyone who volunteered at Christmas in Ice. I think they have a website that shows a little bit more about what Christmas in Ice is that you can look at, but basically they think us missionaries are the greatest things on the face of the planet. We didn’t do as much we always felt like, but everyone kept saying they were SO grateful for us! Honestly, I think they were just feeling the spirit, and having that light there so often made the difference. But they were so appreciative and it was so cute. And I got a free t-shirt, so that was a nice bonus as well.

So not a ton of teaching, but still seeing lots of blessings all around. We’ve got even more drive now to be better missionaries, work hard, and stay riveted on the Savior. Can’t wait for this week!

Love ya lots! Hope everyone’s doing MARVELOUS!

Love, Sis Harrison

P.S. I’ve heard some very disturbing rumors going round about our family getting a dog sometime soon… I’m REALLY hoping these are NOT true, but if they are, you all need to come serve a mission in Alaska for at least five months and experience ALL the sights and smells, and then immediately change your minds. And I sure hope that’s the end I hear of that. LOVE YA!



Us and our cool Bayleen! (not sure how you spell that, but that’s how you pronounce it!)

In case you didn’t know, Bayleen is the whale teeth things they have. And for some reason the thing to do is carve cool stuff on them and hang them up! The best place to get them is in Barrow, so Elder Hixson got some for me while he was up there! So cool!!


You asked for Apt pics so enjoy!

P1020814 P1020817 P1020818



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