Breaking New Ground in North Pole



OH MY GOODNESS! Brigham!! I’m so excited for you!! Just so everyone in the whole entire world knows, Brigham is the biggest stud on the face of the planet! He got FIRST place at the region swim meet AS A FRESHMAN. Yeah, you could say he’s a REALLY BIG DEAL! Oh my goodness, so, so exciting. I’m so grateful God is sending such incredible blessings to you guys!

Life sure is good kids. So good.

Anyway, nothing to crazy big to report for this week. A little more background on the area–before they put sisters in the area two transfers ago, the elders were teaching two lessons a week. So fun fact, I’m one of the first sisters to serve here in over twenty-three years! Anyway, Sister Hewitt and Morrison have been rockin’ it to bring it back to life a bit, and they did an awesome job! But..we’re still a little on the slow end of things. 🙂 We’re still just giving it juice though, and bit by bit it’s getting better! But because of that, there’s not a whole ton to report! Haha. Just lots of little miracles to appreciate, which is fun because right now my focus is finding joy in the journey. There’s lots of things to do, so I love finding the joy in the getting them done.

I think my favorite part of the week though was Sister Hewitt’s b-day on Tuesday! She’s super hard to do things for, so I had to get pretty sneaky, but I was able to get a few things lined up that panned our really well. It’s so fun to get to love and serve and take care of the person I spend 24/7 with!

Also got to go on exchanges with Sister Lind on Saturday! That was quite the adventure since I still don’t know the streets super well, but we survived. AND I didn’t get sick this time!

We had quite a few less actives come to church, so that was really exciting!

We got to meet with Rob and Jenny for a little bit the other night–we took them cookies, so of course they couldn’t say no–and it looks like they’re still on board, they’re just scared of the actual coming to church part. So stay tuned–we’re not done with their story yet!

Also met a really cute potential, Cali, but we won’t be able to meet with her till beginning of March, so look out for that too.

Well, I spent all my time crying happy tears for Brig today, so I gotta run. Love ya lots, enjoy to the end, the gospel’s true!

Love, Sister Harrison








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