Let your (Northern) lights so shine!


Happy Valentines!! In honor of the holiday, I love you all SOO much! So pumped for a mission valentine’s day! Instead of single awareness day or silly stuff like that, it’ll be “look at all these awesome people I LOVE” Day! What could be better? Nothing, that’s what.

Oh the adventures of North Pole! One day we’ll see a bunch of people, and the next day all of our appointments will cancel. But I guess that’s just the fun of a mission, right? Sister Hewitt and I have had an awesome time finding the joy in all of it though and staying riveted on the Savior, and it makes all the difference!

Cutest little toilet ever!

One of my favorite stories from this week:  Elder Dold (an elder in our district but in a different ward who served in North Pole a year ago) had a handful of people that we could go try from when he was here, and it’s been very interesting trying them. We’ve gotten responses from very friendly and accepting to, well, the opposite. But the other day we went and tried someone named “Tara”. Tara no longer lives there, but there is a new couple from UTAH there. They have both taken the discussions before and it didn’t quite work out, but they were SO kind! So we asked if they would give us a try. They said they’d talk about it and let us know, but in the meantime they’d be willing to feed us if we ever needed a dinner. AKA, they’re ready for the gospel. 🙂

Part 2 of that story is that they told us about some members they know who live in our ward boundaries, but we’ve never heard of them! So we went and found them. They lived in another Ward and didn’t want anyone knowing they were moving to our ward, probably because they are less-active and didn’t want to be found. But we found them and went back to teach them a few days later. It turns out only she and one of her daughters are members, so now we’ll get to work on teaching her husband! It was really cool to see one little referral turn into several different findings and we can’t wait to see where else this little chain reaction will go!

Goodbye to Sister Claspell! 

We also had a really awesome lesson with one of our less-actives last night. Her boyfriend’s kind of interested, but they’ve never actually talked about religion much. So last night we kindly made him join our lesson and we talked about how God is our loving Heavenly Father and asked if he’d like to know more about how to strengthen that relationship with him. He said yes and we’re going back Wednesday night! 

For Paul and Justin Gallo

There’s also another girl we’re teaching who’s been a member her whole life, but doesn’t know ANYTHING about the church. She said her family is super hypocritical and would go to church and put on the show, but then come home and never live any of it. She hated doing that because she felt like it was wrong so she wouldn’t usually go. There’s also some other struggles there too, but basically we’re teaching an investigator–who’s already been baptized! We just get to help with her actual conversion now which is really cool. We’ve only had one lesson with her and she was drinking it all up! One of the cutest things she asked was for us to tell her the ‘better side’ of living the gospel. She said she’s only ever seen the bad side of things from it, so she wants to know what’s good about it. Wait, you want me to testify of all the blessings that come from living the gospel?? DONE. I love it.

How GORGEOUS is this!?

So besides the appointments that cancelled, including one which we were really sad about, we’ve got some really cool miracles happening! We can’t wait to see what other miracles are in store for our little North Pole!

Sometimes we’re cute.

The day all of our appointments cancelled was actually a really cool day though. It was Saturday, we’d had a bunch of great stuff lined up, and then nothing. And all the people we tried to go see as backups–nothing. Haha, our sanity was definitely tried a bit, as fun as driving around in the car for hours at a time is! But that’s why focusing on the Savior has been our biggest goal. We have WAY to much time to let our thoughts wander, and whether that leads to discouraging thoughts, or thoughts of home and family, we’re determined to stop it. Finally, we made it to the end of the day, and we saw a little bit of northern lights out. We’ve seen them like that before and they didn’t end up getting too great, but we figured we’d give it a try. We also planned in the car on our way to ‘the spot’ and I prayed specifically that the lights would be SUPER good as soon as we got there.

GOD ANSWERS PRAYS. Because yesiree, the lights were AMAZING! One lady there who’s come up the past few years for pictures said that they were the best she’d ever seen. They were just dancing and having a party up there! And there were other colors too, not just the green! Guys, it was SO COOL. We were SO SO grateful for such an amazing blessing and loving reminder from Heavenly Father that even after a long, rough day, he was still proud of us for pushing through and LOVES US. Man, it was so awesome. Remind me how I got so lucky to be serving in North Pole Alaska again?



Anyway, it was really cool. And the next day, we read an awesome quote by Elder Bednar, “Sometimes we may ask God for success, and He gives us physical and mental stamina. We might plead for prosperity, and we receive enlarged perspective and increased patience, or we petition for growth and are blessed with the gift of grace. He may bestow upon us conviction and confidence as we strive to achieve worthy goals. And when we plead for relief from physical, mental, and spiritual difficulties, He may increase our resolve and resilience. And sometimes when you spend the whole day driving around on your mission but don’t get to see anyone, you may get blessed to see the northern lights that night”. That’s what we lived through! (I may have edited that last part just a smidge) (:

Anyway, it’s fun. Dad, I’m definitely learning the value of keepin’ on, even when the scoreboard doesn’t necessarily reflect your awesomeness! Not saying we are super amazing, but it has been really cool to work really hard on tightening up on everything and being as obedient as possible. It’s also been super cool to see that when you’re both focusing on Christ, you and your companion grow super close too! Sure will miss Sister Hewitt if she’s leaves, but it’s been one awesome transfer, that’s for sure and I have learned and grown so much! 

Can’t wait to see what adventure God has in store for me the next transfer! 

Love you all and so happy God is blessing you so much! Keep looking up and for the blessings all around! It really makes all the difference.

Love, Sister Harrison 

PS Brin and Brig, you both look so good! Keep using those pearly whites! And save some cuteness for the rest of us! 




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