Stayin’ in North Pole!

I’m stayin in NP! I’m super excited, and my new comp, Sister Dill, sounds awesome! She just finished getting trained, so I’ve never met her, but I got to talk to a few people who have, (including her trainer who happened to be up here for two weeks) and they all say she’s super awesome! Obedient, hard-working, but really funny and really nice. I’m so excited! And the best part? She’s a basketball player! Like legit, she has a scholarship and plays for a college somewhere kind of basketball player!! Basically, I get to be companions with Haylee! Haha, kinda.

Anyway, I’m super excited to actually meet her and then rock things in North Pole. It’s gonna be awesome! And speaking of rocking things in North Pole, that’s all we did this week! It was really cool to see our hard work all transfer finally pay off!! Especially since Sister Hewitt is heading out. We used that to our full advantage and were able to set up a bunch of “good-bye appointments” with people. It pretty much rocked. And guys, we had FOUR member present lessons!! FOUR! AND we had an investigator at church on Sunday!! It was the first one in at least the 4 1/2 months that Sister Hewitt’s been here, but probably a lot more too. Wahoo! We love seeing miracles!

And speaking of miracles–I’ve survived my first six months! Wow, has it really been that long already? I can’t believe I’m already finished with a third of my mission! Craziness.

Valentine’s day was my favorite! We woke up and listened to Music and the Waking Word (this little call-in thing our mission does that last two weeks of each transfer) and President announced that they figured out transfers and had logistics ready early, so Pres could call that morning! We were really happy because Sister Hewitt had been wanting to know early so she could make sure she could say her goodbyes to everyone. Blessings!!

Another blessing–we had a rockin lesson with Rob and Genny! Apparently our ward mission leader works with him, so he came and it was awesome! They have so many questions so we stayed really long on accident, but we talked all about agency and couldn’t leave that topic. We’re giving them a chapel tour on Wednesday night to help them get more comfortable with coming to church, so pray that it works and that they come on Sunday too! AH, they’re so ready, it’s crazy!

Greg is also doing awesome! He doesn’t talk a whole ton, but he’s pretty sensitive and in my opinion, he’s just drinking it all in and loves it. So excited to see what happens there!

I really just love all my cute little North Polians, and I can’t wait to keep serving them and taking care of them another transfer!

Valentine’s was also super awesome, because we just testified all day of God’s love for us. Then we invited everyone to pray and ask if God loves them. And I think that’s a pretty good idea for all of us, so when you have a second this week, kneel and ask him, and he’ll answer you. (:

And I love YOU GUYS! Hope you have a super awesome week!


Sister Harrison

P.S. I forgot my camera, but I’ll send some pics next week of the cute single lady candlelight dinner we had for V-Day. The members take such good care of us! (:


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