Sister Dill Rocks!


I don’t even know where to start! Week one of transfers seems to get pretty long sometimes.

First of all, we have not completely terrorized the ward or all the missionary work in North Pole!! Yet. I was really nervous for Sis Hewitt to leave and to have to take over driving and knowing the area and everything, but, as always, God’s given me plenty of strength/memory/peace to make it through. He’s also blessed me with an awesome companion Sister Dill! She’s great! She’s obedient and hard working, but also very happy and loving. Her kindness is AMAZING!

Our Favorite Road–Bear Road

So yeah, that’s sure been the biggest tender mercy. When God asks you to do something, he also gives you the strength and capacity to go with it. I hear that all the time, but it’s the coolest thing to get to LIVE it.

It’s still stressful of course, but we’ve seen some awesome miracles!

My favorite is just the increase of love I’ve felt for the ward members. I’ve learned so much more about them this time around visiting them and I seriously love them so much! We had dinner with the Mendenhall’s last night and it felt just like being at home. Their kids are all swimmers or hockey players so they have to travel around all the time and go on father son trips with each other–totally reminds us of us!

We also had an INCREDIBLE lesson with Rob and Genny! We took them on a church tour, and the spirit was SO strong!! At the end we had them go sit in a pew together in the chapel, and then asked them how they felt. Rob said that he felt very humbled and that he’s realizing that if he puts God first and walks on his path he’ll be able to have everything else work out after that. LOVE IT! They were totally planning on coming to church, but then Rob got sick. So pray that next week it will work out!


Heavenly Father also helped us find a bunch of really cool potentials! And they were all unexpected! One place we were looking for a less-active and found her daughter in law who wants us to come back, then we show up to dinner and they have some non-member friends there, and then we went to Luke Harrison’s farewell party (did I mention there are 2 harrison families in our ward? So I’m Sister Harrison…the third) and there was another little couple there that we were able to talk to as well! The whole ward pretty much was there too and by the end of the party, they had agreed to read the Book of Mormon! Haha, Member missionary work rocks!!

I also hit my 6 month mark! Glad you guys were celebrating too! It was pretty fun because we pulled up for a lesson at night, and I look over and saw fireworks going off! Some kind Alaskians were celebrating too! How sweet. Then we met up with our district real quick so I could burn a scarf. It was really exciting. Haha, really though, it’s so cool to see that I’ve been IN for six months now! Dad, I like how you said in instead of out 6 months. Makes it sounds like I’ve been actually focusing a bit.

DSC01186 DSC01189P1030029

I may or may not have burned the tip of my fingernail when I burned my scarf… 🙂 cool stuff!

So yep. That about covers the basics. Wish I had like ten hours so i could try and tell you about every detail, but ah well. Just know that I LOVE what I’m doing! I LOVE being a missionary and everything about it! I’ve been especially grateful for just the peace I’ve felt this week. Coming to Christ really does help with everything else, and I’m so grateful for it.

Keep looking up everyone, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY this week to Briggers! I love you buddy!! 🙂

Love, Sister Harrison

P.S. Mom, thanks for the CD!! I LOVED IT!! 🙂 You rock my socks fer sure.

Ma District (from last transfer)

Our cute dinner/treats at the Averett’s!

P1030008 P1030010 P1030011
The cutest little girl ever, wearing a shirt they made for their mom, Ali! Love it!

More northern lights! We’ve been so blessed this week to see so many! P1030013 P1030017



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