Going running at 6 AM cuz it warmed up to minus 2 degrees!!

Yep, this is one of those weeks where I used up all my EM time emailing other people, so it’s gonna be a little short this week.

But guess what? The Gospel’s so true! This week was a little rough. But hey, those happen right? And the good news? I made it through! So now I get to look back at all of the things that happen and just see the blessings. 🙂

 We got to meet with a bunch of the less-actives we’re working with, and got in contact with a bunch of our potentials. None of them are quite ready to have us come teach them, but they’re perfectly happy to have a stop by with a little message now and then. Don’t worry, we’re going to be taking FULL advantage of those little message’s we can squeeze in.
I might not be a basketball playa, but I was battling on my own court this week with ya Hay Bay! 🙂
It was pretty cool yesterday being totally led by the spirit and we ended up running into one of our potentials that we haven’t been able to get ahold of. We saw him and is wife on a walk, because we can do that now because the sun is out so much and it’s finally a nice warm zero degrees and all the ice is melting everywhere, so we pulled over and had an awesome convo! They’re sons thinking of going to college at Utah State (where I’m sure he’ll get baptized) so they might move down to heber city (where I’m sure they’ll get baptized as well). They’re awesome!
Mostly it’s just cool to see how much I LOVE these people! I’ve never felt such a huge desire to get to help people like this and it’s SO FUN! It’s very slow too of course, and a lot of the time I can see so many wonderful, amazing changes that I HOPE will happen that they don’t quite see, but it’s nice sometimes even just feeling that love.
Night Stars
Also gained a strong testimony of journal writing! I read a few things from my journal I brought with me and it was cool to see how I gained strength from the things I’ve already gone through!
Scripture reading as well was a biggie. So cool to see how the thigns I read in the BofM coodinate SO well with what’s going on with me.
God loves you! I love you! Have a good week!
Got to go to Bonnie and Luke’s wedding reception while on exchanges with these girlies! Triple H attack–the happy girls as one lady called us! 🙂 So good seeing a bunch of my YSA’s!






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