The field really is white!

So I realized everyone’s got it backwards. Most people think that that scripture is talking about a wheat field, but I finally found out this week it’s talking about an ‘Ice Field’! 

And he that thrusteth in his sickle with his might . . . 


Remember how we helped out with Christmas in Ice? Well, they’re getting ready for next year already by doing their Ice Harvest, and they needed some volunteers! Once in a lifetime opportunity? Yes please! They have a frozen pond that they go out to and chainsaw out all these giants chunks so they can use them later in the year for the ice sculptures! They have to do it now while the ice is frozen deep enough, and then they put them off to the side and put a bunch of sawdust and other things all around them and they keep all through summer till next winter! Crazy stuff!



Anyway, we got to go help out and it was so cool! The frozen pond is, obviously, white, and after they cut through them with a chainsaw, then we would use these long pole things with a little hook on the end, our ‘sickle’, to pull them through the water over to the edge of the pond so we could help get them on the forklift. Pretty serious stuff! The whole time my mind was going on all the awesome gospel analogies, with I think the biggest one being what a small part we play as missionaries. We could help pull the little ice chunk with our tiny poles, but we needed the chainsaws, and the poles and the fork lift and the water–basically everything else to do it! And who gave us all these things? Heavenly Father of course! This is HIS work, and he’s going give us everything we need to bring about his purpose.


I think that covers the physical harvesting we did this week (I’m so sore, and it feels so good!), but we did some pretty good spiritual harvesting this week too!


So happy to have Sunlight!!

Big news: ROB’S ON DATE FOR MARCH 29TH! Happy Birthday to you Mom! 🙂 But really, we’re so, so excited. Right now, it’s just set as a goal though, he still hasn’t completely gotten his answer, so the big challenge now is keeping him on date. SO, if you’re wanting to pray for anything lately, please pray that we’ll be able to help him stay on date and that he will do everything he needs to receive his answer!

He really is doing so good though. When we asked him to set that as his ‘goal’ he was like, “You know, I think I can do that because I really like what I’ve learned so far, and I can see this just getting better”. My favorite part is that he follows up his words with actions. Him and Genny have set aside Monday and Wednesday as ‘Their’ time, and they read the Book of Mormon during it and pray together. CUTE! And they came to church on Sunday (Finally! Yay!) even though Genny had just had surgery on her foot Friday, and they loved it! They were able to meet Bishop too and he gave Genny a blessing. I think that was cool for Rob to see because one thing he would love to have is the Priesthood.

I think teaching Rob has been really cool experiencing what it feels like to have each soul being ‘precious’ to God. I care so much about Rob getting baptized so him and Genny can go to the temple and have their cute little family and all the blessings! Ah, it kills me! They’re going to be such good Mormons! Bah, I love it.

Anyway, we also had Pres and Sis Beesley up this week! I sure love them! It was good getting to meet with them and get more tips on what we can do with the area and everything! Sure love those two!

All in all, a pretty great week! Can’t wait to someday catch up and tell you ALL the miracles we see, but otherwise I hope you have a GREAT week!


Sister Harrison

Some genius person arranged for a special delivery on a special day!


Some awesome person


Practicing our selfies!P1030143












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