Service with a Smile!

[This was actually from last week, but Dad was out of town and couldn’t post it until just now:)

Alright kiddos, ready to hear about the BEST WEEK EVER??

Hay-Bay, thanks again for your fast (and Mom and Brig) cuz it made ALL the difference! This week was SO good!! Like really, everyday was just awesome! Of course there were still some rough parts in there, but super great for the most part.

We’re calling this our week of service, because all we pretty much did was serve, serve, serve!

Alright, so Tuesday we got to go to SALCHA for District meeting!! We’re probably like some of the only sisters who have ever been out there, so it’s kinda a big deal. 🙂 And it was awesome!

Salcha Chapel

First of all, the drive itself was great! And quick sidenote on driving–THANK YOU for all the prayers! Since it’s break-up season, aka all the ice is melting, everything’s super slippery so we’ve had a few close calls, but have DEFINITELY been very protected! THANK YOU! Anyway, the Elders sandwiched us (we had a truck behind and in front of us) so we wouldn’t get lost, but then the Elders went around a slow semi on a two lane road, and I was WAY to scared to go fast enough to pass it and I couldn’t see any cars coming, so I didn’t know what to do, but finally the Elders called and started yelling, “It’s all clear!! Go right now!! GO GO GO GO GO!!” And then they died laughing and cheering for me while I went for it screaming at the top of my lungs that I’d never gone this fast before and I couldn’t believe I was doing it! So yeah, that’s coming from the girl who was always scared of driving. Can you imagine if I’d gone to Cali??

Hope that stories somewhat funny to you guys, cuz we’re all still crackin up about it. So the rest of the drive was peaceful and gorgeous, and the Salcha chapel is so cute! The actual chapel part is actually their Multi-Purpose room, so we made a temple out of chairs! Pretty legit, pics to come.


Then we got to go help out at Ice Alaska! So much fun helping sell tickets, and got to go tour some of the sculptures too! Pics to come here too.

Wednesday we didn’t know what to do with our time, but luckily someone called saying they needed our help shoveling a roof off! Well, I was SUPER excited, because that meant service with a good workout–and let’s just say it’s been a while since I’ve been able to get one of those–but everyone else thought I was really funny and crazy for being so excited. But they also really enjoyed and appreciated it, so Sam (the guy we helped) is taking us to dinner tonight! 🙂 Service with a smile, always the way to go!


THEN we got to help out with the Arctic Winter Games the next day! We loaded up a trailer of stuff and then hauled it somewhere else and unload it. Sounds pretty boring I know, but service gets me in a really good mood, so we had lots of fun. 🙂

THEN, Friday we got to go help out with the Ice Harvest some more! This time we helped with the ‘laying up in store that it perisheth not’ part. They hide the ice in sawdust all winter and it stays good! Crazy!


And one of my favorite parts of all this is just the people there while we serve! Most of the time this meant our district and it’s crazy how we’ve all become best little buds while we’ve been serving! SO fun! And of course I’ve talked to them all about you guys, so now they’re excited to meet you. Even read parts of your letter to me Dad and it was a nice little boost for all of them! (BTW, thanks for that letter! It rocked! I think you should become a motivational Missionary speaker!)

Okay, don’t worry, we did do some missionary work too. 🙂 Had some really cool experiences following the spirit to be right where Heavenly Father needed us to be. I love being guided by the spirit!! Honestly though, if you read the section about ‘Going about Doing Good’ in Chapter 9 of PMG, I really just think that Heavenly Father needed us to help out doing all those service things this week. And we were more than happy to help! 🙂

Last cute story–Saturday night we went to invite a less-active to church, and she said she wasn’t going, but her 10 year old non-member daughter heard that and said, “Really? I’m going.” Her mom looked kind of skeptical and told her that that was fine if Dad dropped her off. Next morning, nine o’clock, in walks little Emma all by herself. And she loved it! Can’t wait to see what happens from that!

Also had a fun Sunday with the power going out halfway through. Nothing like a dark chapel!

And Brin, I shared your decision about not rollerblading on Sunday’s with a lady we were teaching–totally helped her see that if a nine year old could give up something she loved on Sunday’s for Heavenly Father, than she could too! Thanks for your good example hon!

All in all, nothing better than being in the service of your fellowman, or basically, your Heavenly Father. Nothing makes you happier or brings people together like it!

Thanks again for all the prayers! I can definitely feel them, so thank you! Have a good week!


Sister Harrison

P1030173 P1030175 P1030178 P1030180 P1030191 P1030208 P1030209 P1030210 P1030217 P1030224 P1030225 P1030231
P1030234This cake sold for $200 at the ward’s fund-raiser auction!

P1030236 P1030250

P1030295Pi Day


P1030312 P1030321Ice Block Catapulting:)




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