Even got your package this week which ROCKED! Seriously, you’re the best. Ever.

And I loved your letters this week! Dad, the postcard rocked, and then the letter with all the good news! Man, I love seeing fam blessings! Thanks for the updates!

Guys, where did the time go?? We’re already getting transfer calls this weekend! That was easily the fastest transfer yet–I can’t even imagine how fast they’re gonna keep going!

Well, once again, we had a SUPER week! I’ve been making it my main focus this week to just do GOD’s will. Not what I think would be super nice or convenient to do at the moment, but doing whatever it is God wants us to. Well guess what? It works!

We were able to see a whole bunch of people which was way nice, but even the times when we just had to drive around all day weren’t a pain anymore. It was exciting! And I sometimes get nervous in the mornings when I think about going out, but that didn’t happen this week. It’s been so wonderful, and this has totally been one of those times were I’ve never been happier than when I’ve been on my mission! Sister Dill and I just laugh all the time about everything and find so much JOY! Ah, I love it.

Okay, so updates on everything. Rob will be pushing that baptismal date back to an unknown date. BUT, we’re super happy that he sees the importance of it and wants to wait to make the commitment when he’s ready. And we’ll be there to keep helping him get ready for that commitment, whether it be the next date or the next!

That’s been one really nice thing about this awesome week I’ve had and focusing on doing God’s will, is just being okay with things taking time. I SO BADLY want to help ‘HASTEN the work’, but I think that title gets my impatience and anxiety going a little bit. Because seeds take time to grow, and so do people. It’s been interesting to see that the scripture say’s “I will hasten the work”.  Sister Harrison’s not going to be able to hasten the whole entire work all by myself, but God will hasten it and ask me to do small and simple things that will help bring it about. As long as I listen to hear what those small and simple things are, we’ll be good. 🙂

Alright, sorry about the ramble. Okay, one of my favorite stories from the week! We were doing nightly planning and we’d had a long weird day being on exchanges, so we just had one last name to put in, but the only thing that was popping in my head was ‘Larry’. We don’t even know a Larry! Well, we put his name down, and decided we’d find him. Well, we got to help out at the ice park again the next day, so we kept our eyes open. First we sold tickets–no Larry. Then we collected tickets–no Larry. FINALLY, we went to do security, and we met Larry!! Larry Workman, from Virginia goes on lots of vacations, but while he’s there, he just volunteers and does service! He says that he prefers to be a part of the place that he’s at instead of just touring it. And well, what can we say, he loved us Sisters. We didn’t end up having a huge gospel convo or anything, but that seed was planted. We found Larry! And I’m hoping my roommate Emily serving in Virginia will meet up with him at some point and Harvest that seed! 🙂

It was also really interesting going on exchanges because I had to leave North Pole and it KILLED me! I knew I loved NP, but I hadn’t realized just how much I loved my area and serving with Sister Dill! I was really grateful for that nice wake up call. 🙂

Saturday we got to go help out at the Tuttle’s home! They’re the couple that just got baptized in the Salcha area, and Sis T asked the Elders if we’d come help clean her home to go along with her own ‘cleansing’ that just happened. So we got to do some solid deep cleaning and THEN we got to cut down a tree with an axe! Yep, I’m a true Alaskian lumberjack now. 🙂


Tree Burnin’!P1030406
Axe Choppin’!

I think that about covers everything. We’ve got lot’s of sunlight, and the prettiest sunrise’s and sunset’s now. LOVE it! Life is bright and happy, and so’s the gospel, so keep on living it!

Love ya guys lots! Have a good week!

Love Sister Harrison


Poor Sister Dimmick got stuck in a ditch!

Here we’re taking tickets for our serviceP1030363

More Security service.

P1030366 P1030373We had Ice cream for the elders, but only one companionship showed so we can’t be alone with them, so they had to wait out in the foyer. So we took mug shots!


What we really do–find really comfy couches at members’ homes.

Birth to Bacon Farms . . . Oh Alaska!P1030390 P1030396Alaska Outhouse Experience!

P1030424 P1030427 P1030431 P1030436Sister Dill kneels down to brush her teeth: “Is this what the world looks like to you?” Ha!


Okay, so when I served in YSA, I got two shirts from Santa’s house. Well now I’m serving IN NP, so I wanted something to remember YSA from . Well, what better than a shirt from University of Alaska Fairbanks, where a bunch of my YSA’s went?? So we checked out the bookstore last Monday, they were TOTES having a clearance on all these cuties, so I got these two for less than $30. Can you say Heavenly Father loves me??? I was so pumped!!!

P1030441District Board Game P-Day Party!

P1030388Happy 7-Month Birthday!

Scary–Sister Dill ran away from me! Actually she was just too full from dinner and wanted to run home:)P1030379


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