NOT April Fools–SITKA!!!



Like legit, I’m going to SITKA!!!!

For those of you who might not be quite as familiar with Alaska, ‘Bush’ means the little remote places where not many people live. SITKA is the only island that sisters can currently serve. Yep, that’s right, an ISLAND. Me and Sister Honey (another H!) get to be there with ourselves and help God’s work go forth on a little tiny island down by Juneau. Just so you know, I’ve been telling everybody for forever that I better get to serve there at some point because I’ve served around all the sisters who have served there before and all I’ve ever heard is how wonderful and beautiful it is and I can’t WAIT!

Oh, and just so you know, this is no April Fool’s, although there’s a little part of me that still feels like it is. But this morning I flew out from my little Fairbanks and am in Anchorage right now! I FINALLY get to be here for a transfer meeting! First time since I came on my mission! It’s pretty funny getting to see other missionaries that I’ve heard some much about, as well as some of my old Fairbanks buddies! Ah, so weird!

And, the funny April Fool’s joke on me is that the temple is closed. Haha, of course, the one time I come to Anchorage! BUT, it’s kind of cool because I still get to go and help CLEAN the temple! I’d say that’s a pretty once in a lifetime experience! The poor AP who told me that I’d get to help clean it lost his ear drum I was so excited. 🙂

Anyway, then I fly out to Juneau Wednesday and will stay there for a zone meeting and then Friday Sis Honey and I fly out to Sitka! Ah man, crazy week, but I’m actually way proud cuz I’m holding in really well! Haven’t gotten stressed or anxious or anything! (Knock on wood!)


I will say though, it was really hard leaving North Pole and Fairbanks! Gah, my goodness my poor little heart! It was such a blessing though because we had the general women’s conference, so all my little buddies that I’ve served with were there, well besides the guys. So I got to say goodbye to a bunch of people in the Stake that have meant so much to, including my cute little Amber Bamber! Gah! Then Sunday was so rough, but SO SO good! We just spent like the whole day saying goodbye to people and I thought my heart was going to EXPLODE with love for them!! Bah. Hopefully I can send pics sometime soon.


Then normally we fly out Tuesday Morning, but Sister Hewitt’s training sister Lethco so she had to come down early, so I got to come with her, as well as a bunch of other mission buddies. Well, that meant leaving without saying goodbye to all my Elder friends and Sis Hallmark, so I strongly suggested that if at all convenient the Zone leaders organize a little goodbye zone thing. So I got pics with all of them, and then headed off to the airport!

Oh gee, I sure am always going to have a little part of my heart in Fairbanks. I honestly feel SO BLESSED to have served there, and just how smoothly everything has gone with leaving and saying goodbye and everthing. And I think the only thing that’s making leaving so much better is that I get to go someplace SO amazing! Ah! So excited!

Oh! Also, I got called as an STL! Except it’s just in the Juneau zone, so Sis Honey and I are over one other companionship, and they’re all the way in Juneau…so…yeah. But, I’m way excited for that and will do the best I can!

So yeah, it’s been a crazy week, with SO many emotions of love, gratitude, sadness, happiness, a smidge of anxiety and stress, but mostly just so, so much gratitude.

Also, met an amazing lady, Denise, on the plane we got to share the gospel with. Yay!

Okay, almost out of time! I’ll see it I can get another guest pass so I can send pics, but otherwise I’ll talk to you guys later!

LOVE, Sister Harrison!

Have a good general conference, and Mom, hope you had an awesome Birthday! I sure missed you, especially at the Women’s meeting and when they were talking about Brin, but it’s so worth it being here! 🙂

DSCF7697Roof Shoveling PROs!!



P1030588Stopped by some members who were ice skating on a frozen pond and they insisted we give it a shot. What!!



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