Easter Miracles


First, if you haven’t seen it yet–don’t walk, RUN check out this spectacular Easter message about Christ

Well, this sure has been an interesting week! Our recent convert got married spur of the moment to a potential investigator that he’s known for one month, we haven’t been able to see our other recent convert at all, and when we showed up to our dinner/lesson with our investigator no one was there. But, on the bright side I’ve met all the active members in the ward besides the ones out of town! Yes, all including the Sunday School teacher who occasionally brings weapons, such as a machete and rifle to class for object lessons. But hey, as everyone here says, “Relax, this is Sitka”. 🙂

P1030926Me and Sister Honey!


Since this is a smaller area, we get to do lots of service! Wahoo! Thanks Mom and Dad for teaching me to work hard, it’s sure come in handy. 🙂  One place we help out at is called Fortress of the Bear. Apparently it’s a HUGE tourist attraction here, so that’s pretty cool! I never would have guessed that I’d be working with animals so much on my mission, that’s for sure!  But it’s giving me good experience! Haha and the bears are pretty cool–pics to come! We also work at the Raptor Center. It might sound like it would be a dino museum, but nope, just lots of birdies! Like I said, never thought I’d be working with animals so much. 🙂 My favorite part of all this service is the people though–my favorite kind of animal. We’ve met some AWESOME people and I’m so, so excited for this to open doors to them accepting the Gospel!


Hope that gives you a smidgen of an idea of what things are like here. So odd and funny. BUT–we did have some incredible miracles this week! Thursday we were driving to visit a less-active and on our way there I had the thought that we should come tract this certain street sometime. Well, the less-active was unavailable, so I mentioned the street to Sister Honey. We only had 15 minutes before dinner, but we decided to give it a go! We tried the first house-no luck. The people in the second house had just left as we pulled up. At the third house, a man opened the door and shook our hands as we introduced ourselves. He had the most confused look on his face, and finally said, “Where’s Sister Grace?”. Apparently Sister Honey and Grayson had met him a few months ago in front of some apartments and invited him to church, but he didn’t come and they didn’t actually know where he lived since they’d met him outside. So, he invited us in and said that he really wanted to come and now that he had his own car he would! Sister Honey and I got back in the car just shocked. I definitely had not been expecting THAT to come from tracting! And sure enough, he came to church Sunday and enjoyed it, so we have an appointment with him this week and he wants to come again next Sunday! It was also cool for me personally because I’d been really, really praying to be a tool in God’s hands. And he sure used me–how cool!


Our next awesome miracles started Saturday night. We had dinner at home and before we left we decided to start our fast for our area then. We were so blessed! We were able to see one less-active family, and then went to try another less-active that had been rubbed the wrong way before I got here. When she opened the door she looked so sad, so we asked what was wrong. She obviously wasn’t doing well and explained that her dog was sick. Before we left I asked if I could share a ‘happy thought’ with her. The one I had with me at the time is by President Monson about how God loves you and that love never changes. I started reading it to her and by the time I finished she was sobbing. We gave her big hugs and prayed with her. We found out later that she called the Bishop and asked for a blessing after we left. THEN, we went and stopped by a former investigator’s home and she opened the door and said, “Finally!”. I mentioned it later and she didn’t remember saying it, but she definitely seemed very happy to have us there and eager for us to come back.


The miracles kept pouring over into the next day too! After Sunday School one of our less-actives didn’t look too good, so we asked how she was doing and she started crying. We sat down and listened and had a prayer. She’s usually quite sarcastic, so it was good to be able to see what she’s battling with inside so we can help her more later, as well as right then. We also had felt impressed to go see an active member family after church. I started sharing our experience of when dad lost his job right after buying our dream home and everything, but how we were helped so much as we relied on the atonement. We finished our thought and the wife turns to her husband and said, “Have you told them about our situation?” He hadn’t, but apparently that same story I told is something they’re facing right now. They finally finished getting their dream home all done and he might lose his job now. So interesting to see how in the details God is, and I truly gained an even stronger testimony of fasting!


I’m really excited to see what other miracles are going to come! I can’t believe I’ve only been here a little over a week! It feels like it’s been forever! It’s been really cool seeing how much Heavenly Father’s helped me through this transition. It’s been a huge change for sure, but as I’ve given EVERYTHING to being obedient and working hard continually, he’s helped me so much. Still get a little impatient with myself occasionally, but he helps me through that too! So things are good here. There’s definitely a feeling of peace and serenity in Sitka that’s really handy and nice.


Also! My fun news–Sis Honey and I get to take a little trip to Anchorage on the 30th! I guess this is the benefit of being an STL because they’re going to bring all the leaders in for leadership training, and guess what?? We get to go to the temple!! 🙂 YAY!

Well, I love you all tons and tons and hope you have a wonderful, marvelous, fantastic week!

Love, Sister Harrison


Happy Half-way day to Sister Honey! She treated us to dinner at ‘The Nugget”.




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