Happy Easter

P1030987Comp Selfies!!

Happy Easter! I hope you all got to watch the Because of Him video–SO GOOD! And Mom, thanks SO SO much for the cute Easter packages! It was so fun having something cute and fun to wear! Thanks!


Oh hey, I’m eight months old today! Wahoo!

Another week full of miracles! Oh, where to start? We’ll start with FHE last week! Once again, we had three investigators come, and one of them is an investigator that had fallen of the map for a couple months! He loved it though and said he was going to be coming from now on. The coolest part is that he told a story about how a few weeks ago he decided to be done with drugs and alcohol completely. He said it feels like he’s finally popped his head out of a dirty fish bowl–and he loves the view! It’s great to see that God has been preparing him even if missionaries hadn’t been in contact with him for a while.

But the story doesn’t end there! Thursday night we had 15 minutes before it was time to go in, and we weren’t sure what to do. We’d both had the thought to go to the Grocery store at different times, so we figured we’d give it a go. Then once we pulled up, we realized that might be a little odd to just walk around and OYM in the store when we weren’t actually shopping, so we weren’t really sure why’d we’d felt to go there. We were just about to leave when Sister Honey spotted this same YSA and his friend-also an investigator-walking in! I hopped out and yelled their names and we walked over, said hello and shared a happy thought with them. They both seemed a little shocked to see us, but didn’t really say much. We testified that God loved them and was very aware of their situation and left. We were confused when we saw them leave too instead of going into the store. Here’s the mind blowing part: Sister Honey realized that they probably had been about to go buy alcohol! BUT, because we’d listened to the prompting, even though it had seemed a little silly, we’d been able to stop them in a powerful way that built their trust in us.

THEN, the next day he called and wanted to meet with us. He’d been very impressed by the night before and he wanted to thank us because they had actually been going to buy alcohol. He said it’s been hard knowing there’s a legal substance out there that can just take him away for a little bit, so on the way to the store he said a little prayer that he’d be able to know if he should do it or not. “Then I hear some girl yelling my name across the parking lot, and that was a good enough answer for me!”. CRAZY! He talked about how he didn’t really understand how any of this had even happened–meeting us, how good he feels about the stuff we tell him, the blessings he’s seen in his friend’s life since he met us too, all of it. And then we just listened. He told us a lot about his past experiences with religion, and by the end of the conversation he mentioned that he felt like something really good was coming, and that he’s looking for commitments everywhere. He’s sure hungering and thirsting after righteousness, and he recognizes us as the people who can help him find the feast! We’re SO excited to help him find that peace and happiness!

There were a few other cool things about that story that I’ll have to tell you when we skype!

We also had some other small but cool experiences–walking around on the pier to OYM and being directed to talk to people or go a certain direction. Having the courage TO go OYM in the first place. Tracting! Haven’t had a chance to do much of that before cuz of the cold, so learning how to do that has been interesting. Schedules getting totally rearranged perfectly–God sure has a plan in mind and he helps us know when to do what! Really cool lesson with an investigator, Robin! She’s so awesome and we’re hoping to set a baptismal date with her soon! Got to “go” to MLC (missionary leadership counsel?) for four hours. And yep, I think that just about covers it all!

P1030950And this is what our zone meeting looks like! How fun. I’m in the bottom corner there. You can barely see the tip of my shirt. 🙂

We’ve really been in awe of all the miracles we’ve seen already since we fasted for our area last Sunday, and are so excited to see what else is in store!

Have a good week friends!

Love, Sister Harrison

P1030844 P1030847 P1030941 P1030943 P1030944 P1030948 P1030949
Cute church by the sea

P1030951Mt Edgecumbe

P1030954 P1030956




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