Trip to Juneau and Anchorage


Whew, what a week! So fun though!

We started the week off in JUNEAU! I got to spend Tuesday with Sister Morrison and we had a grand old time visiting funny people and making dinner for a women’s shelter and all that good stuff. πŸ™‚ Quite the adventure!

Then headed out to Anchorage the next morning! And guess who I got to stay with?? SISTER HART! YEAH! We went to her apartment to drop our luggage off, and ended up talking for like an hour. Oh gee, I sure love her to death and it’s so fun seeing that we’re still good buddies! Then it got even better because we went ‘shopping’ at the mission office for proselyting stuff, and I got to see like 50 more buddies there too! And one of them was Sister Hallmark! We also talked and talked for ever. Man, I sure love people, especially missionaries, and especially my past comps. Mm, loved it! Then we headed to part one of MLC! It was great, and we learned a bunch! I was kind of sad though because since we’d been traveling and exchanging and everything the last little bit, we didn’t get to come up with a very good training, so our was less than good, BUT, I learned that lesson and am always going to plan better for those types of things!

ANYWAY, I decided to get over it and stop focusing on how bad I’D done, and just build up everyone else for how awesome THEY’D done, and well, big surprise, looking outside yourself works!! Dinner was so fun as well as the rest of MLC that day at the mission home. They did a training on how to help missionaries with stress, and so I got to do a role play of course, and was complimented on how well I acted stressed. …almost like I’ve been stressed once or twice before… Haha, anyway, it was just super awesome, and I loved it, and it was so great getting to be around other missionaries and especially Pres and Sis Beesley since they’re leaving in June. 😦 I’m also pretty sure everyone there was wondering who I even was since I’ve basically been in ‘hiding’ my whole mission. But it was so fun seeing a bunch of my Fairbanks buddies. AND, I got to talk to Elder Gullerud about my Fairbanks YSA’s!! They’re doing SO GOOD!! AH!! And I don’t know if you remember me telling you about how we’d go teach english to Wang Jin tan, but he’s getting baptized next Sunday! Elder Loke can speak chinese, so once he could actually speak his language, he totally loved it! Yay for planting seeds!

Thursday we got to go to the temple!! YAY!!!!! I hope I never have to wait eight months ever, ever, ever again!! I almost started crying just walking in!! Ah, it was the best. Then more MLC, then later went and met with Pres for a bit and got to help out with some missionaries who’d missed their flights–haha, oh it was just an adventure.

Then came home! Oh man, that’s such a short summary of everything that happened, but just know it was super good. πŸ™‚

The transition back to Sitka was a little rough. We’re were pretty wiped out from our travels, so that brought down our effectiveness a bit, but we still did our best! We were able to have a good lesson with Jasper that first night back, and he was doing so well! He was reading EVERYTHING, not just the Book of Mormon! We’d given him a ‘Week of Happiness’ schedule and he’d done it and he said he’s never been happier! Yay! And he knows the Book of Mormon’s true because he can read now! Ah, seriously, biggest miracle EVER!! Β He said people had even got a little annoyed with him because he was reading so many things. It was pretty powerful to have HIM read things out of the Book of Mormon instead of us. πŸ™‚ And he wants to be a missionary someday. Not sure he fully understands what it is he’d be teaching, but he loves the idea of it. THANK YOU for your prayers for him, and please don’t stop!

The next day things got a little tricky when a girl from the ward got involved but he came to both sessions of stake conference and paid attention really well and loved it. I think things are going to work out okay, but we’ve just hit a odd patch that we need to work through. πŸ™‚ Girls. Psh.

Meanwhile, we were worrying that no one would come to the CES devotional since Jasper was having dinner somewhere else, but lo and behold, here come David and Steven, the sons of the pastor at a different church here. They loved it and asked a bunch of questions afterwards. David opened up and told us so much about what he feels, and basically he feels like he wants a purpose and power to do good. Well, you can probably see several principles of the gospel he highlighted, so we talked about a few of those, and then he asked when we could meet next so he can learn more. Here we had thought that we needed to meet David so we could meet Jasper, but it looks like David is also ripe and ready for the gospel! SO COOL!

So yeah, crazy good week, with some rough spots while we recovered, but we DID recover and are doing pretty well now. πŸ™‚ Pray that this last week of transfers will be AMAZING!! Please. πŸ™‚

Also, PMG thought for the week: “Heavenly Father knows the hearts and experiences of all people…and will help you know what is best for each person”. pg. 187. As you pray to know who you can share the gospel with, Heavenly Father will also show you the what and how. Then we just have to act! πŸ™‚

LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! So excited to see you Sunday and tell you more detes! πŸ™‚

Love, Sister Harrison

IMG_1578 IMG_1683


Sister Morrison and I at the glacier

P1040079More Glacier


P1040105Look I’m actually in the mission home!



P1040113Sitka’s pretty gorgeous!

Free Sunglasses!

P1040124Happy Sunday!


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