Prayer Power


So, SO good talking and SEEING you guys yesterday!! I can’t believe how grown up you all are. Brigham, your voice still kills me! ๐Ÿ™‚ Love you guys bunches.

As for everyone else, time for your weekly update on what President calls, the ‘Sitka Situations’!

Jasper’s doing just swell. We had a lesson with him and were planning on teaching him faith and repentance, but then he started talking about how he’s tried so hard to repent but he still feels guilty and just wants a clean slate and chance to start over. So, we went ahead and taught baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost, and he was so happy! We’re going to put him on date next time! So excited for him. He’s also sharing the Gospel already. He’s helping Stephen out as much as he can without overstepping Stephen’s parents limits, and he even gave a Book of Mormon to his friend Becca!

That’s a pretty cool story actually. He gave her the book of mormon, and the night before our lesson with them, she prayed for the first time for real. The next morning, the elders serving in Wrangell, where she lives, came knocking on her door! She knew it wasn’t a coincidence that ten hours after her first real prayer they showed up. We called our elders just to double check–yep! They’d knocked on her door and met her! They hadn’t taught her then, but they were going back that night. CRAZY stuff, huh?? Like I said, Jasper’s rocking it, and we already decided he’s going on a mission.

Stephen came to a lesson with Jasper. He’s so interesting because we’ve only taught him Plan of Salvation by default once when he came with Jasper, and he’s already on board. He loves that we’re willing to answer questions that he has instead of the scare tactics his church uses. He even made it to church on Sunday in time for priesthood. He’d had to walk all the way there in the rain! He’s already so dedicated, so we’re excited to see where this leads to, although it’ll be interesting seeing his parents reactions as this unfolds more.

We haven’t had a chance to meet with David because of scheduling issues, but we’re not giving up on him either.

The tourists are here! So many people! We had a blast walking around talking to people and planting seeds, and even found a potential investigator that we’re meeting with next Saturday! And so fun seeing Bekah Shaw! I still can’t believe that worked out the way it did. Crazy!

We also met with Robin and Nan, and they’re still doing so well! They’re reading the Book ย of Mormon and loving it, and are going to pray about a date for baptism. They said they were thinking sometime mid/end summer, but we’ll see if we can help bump that up. But either way, we feel confident it’ll happen soon!

We also volunteer at the Raptor Center every Friday, and this past Friday we worked in the gift shop with a lady named Wendy. She’s the cutest thing ever and we started telling her all about our missions and she started crying at how amazing a thing we’re doing! Later someone from Utah came in and saw us talking to her and asked her if she was a member. She said not yet, but these girls might change that. SO, we’ll be asking her to learn more next week! ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh, and I guess I should mention, we got transfer calls and Sister Honey and I are both staying! So nothing to crazy, except we get to go to Juneau to ‘Babysit’ Sister Morrison while she waits for Sister Dill this week! We’re also pretty excited cuz we have zone conference june 3 and 4, so we’ll get to fly back then, and it’s 2 days instead of 1…just because we’re in Juneau. Like I told you yesterday, Juneau’s the cool kid spot! ๐Ÿ™‚ Man, lots of traveling, that’s for sure! We’re hoping that we’ll get to take the ferry for zone conference instead of fly, but we’ll see!

And there you have the Sitka Situations for the week! Stay tuned to see what other crazy, fun happenings are going on!


Sister Harrison

P1040131District Meeting!









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