A Bear of a Week


Well kiddos, this week has been a little tough for me, but we’re making it through! After the tribulation come the blessings! 🙂


The work has been a little crazy, but good. Our mission president always tells us it’s great to have lessons at members home’s so investigators can feel the spirit inside a covenant home. Well, what about instead of just a lesson, the investigator completely moves in? Yep, yesterday in ward council we found out that Jasper has now moved in with the Bishop’s family! At least we can say fellow shipping is going really well! 🙂 We’re really happy about this though. The Bishop’s family didn’t think he’d accept the offer because they had a very strict set of rules he’d need to follow, and he’d need to pay rent, but he did! He was living for free with the other people (who go to the Assembly of God church) with no rules, but he was facing too much opposition so he wanted to get out. Apparently every time Jasper would get home from church or meeting with us there’d be a new piece of Anti-stuff printed out, or when he’d try to leave to church he’d have to sneak out the back door so the Dad wouldn’t stop him and argue with him. Whew! We’re glad Jasper’s been able to get out of that situation.

That’s about the main update for this week! Hope everyone’s doing well! Have a great week!


Sister Harrison

P1040199Everything in Alaska is bigger!





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