Hey everyone!

Sorry, I don’t have much time, but the pictures tell a much better story of the week anyway, so go check those out!

Man, pretty crazy week! Had the best half-way day ever! The last week or so has been pretty tough on me, so my main prayer was to just be HAPPY, and it totally was! All you pictures were so cute and it was a great, great day! So THANK YOU! 🙂

Then we got to ferry over to Juneau! Man, it was so fun and nice excuse for a nap. Then we spent all Friday with the Beesley’s planning zone conference a bit–mostly looking for good hikes in the area. We’re excited!

Sunday was a bit rough, but in the end we survived! Had an awesome dinner with the Pharis Pham! Love them to death! We even got to go to a memorial BBQ saturday with a bunch of non-members! Just making friends with everyone!

So yep, just living the dream here! Been a lot of ‘crash-course life learning’ this week, so thanks so much for all your love and support! Hope you all have a wonderful week!


Sister Harrison 🙂

P1040235Celebrating Hump day with…….
P1040265The turkeys!


and the Wolves!


Thanks for all the fun photos…I LOVED them!P1040278P1040317Ferry ride….a bit windy, too!

P1040346P1040429P1040410 P1040417P1040399Hanging with the Juneau sisters…..And we didn’t even purposely color  coordinate!:)P1040442 P1040447


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