Full Progress Record!



Got to go on a way cool hike on P-day!

Giant Tree! 

Well, it’s been an interesting week! We had a full progress record, so that was really exciting! We felt really blessed to have lots of work to fill our time. Honestly, I think that was the biggest miracle from this week. We mostly worked with less-actives, but were able to have two investigator lessons which we were very grateful for.

Jasper’s doing really well. He’s being completely immersed in a great home and the spirit that’s there. Sister Bauder and Daniel Larsen (the returned RM) were at our lesson and are a great help and support to him, especially since he’s a deep thinker, so they can help answer his questions. We’re still not very happy about the fact that he’s basically dating the bishop’s daughter, but Bishop seems okay with it so far, so we’re hoping that will continue to go well.

We also went to the library and got to OYM at one of the activities we volunteered at. I met a lady who graduated from my high school several years ago which was pretty exciting. Dad, do you know a Laci Ann Carterwho graduated in ’91? Would that be Rachel? Other than that, we just made friends with a lot of people. It was nice to do some service in a place where more people come to. We’re hoping they’ll have more activities we can help with.

Sorry again for the short email! Hope you all ahve a great week!


Love, Sister Harrison



Seriously, coolest hike ever.




Traveled to the End of the road!


Got to fill a tire with dog food and throw it off this thing for the bears.


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