Juneau Zone Conference!





Hey Fam Bam!

First off, thank you so much to Sister J for that rockin package! That was such a fun surprise to come home from Juneau to! And thank you to Timmy J for the letter! Seriously, it could not have been better timing. THANK YOU!

This week was quite the adventure! Got to be in Juneau most of the week and got to be around MISSIONARIES! Yep, guys, they really do still exist! And not just on skype district meetings! Ah, such a nice relief. We had a bunch of fun adventures/trainings/laughs/exchanges–the works!

One of my favorite parts was our hike. Since we’re in beautiful Alaska, we get to have a bit of an outdoor ZC, and Sister Beesley wanted it to be as treacherous as possible so we could get a real ‘Zion’s Camp’ experience, and be in miserable conditions but still not complain and murmur. Haha, she even prayed for rain. Luckily that prayer was not answered, but we had quite the treacherous hike! It started off super muddy–thank goodness I had my boots because I sunk in all the way to the top of it! Then the trail ended up being super long and we had to climb over/under/through all these trees that had fallen, and man, it was CRAZY! But it was great, and I definitely have some great memories.

It’s taken a few days to recover though because they fed us this teeny-tiny dinner, and we didn’t finish the hike till 11 pm!! Then two days later we had to wake up at five for the ferry ride back (which we slept the whole four hour ride). Whew! I’m sure that’s taken it’s toll on everything, but we’re hanging in there!

Got to go on some fun adventures with sister Morrison and Dill when we were on exchanges. Man, I love those sisters! They’re so wonderful!

I’ll start sending pics for you, cuz we got some good ones!

Love ya, bye!



Our actual district in real life!!






I’m getting pretty good at selfie photos!


Our dinner! 

We made it!


P1040673Our favorite family is leaving. We will miss them so much!



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