Blessed with a nice, busy week!


Thanks mom for the halfway dinner money!


Sorry for all the short emails lately everyone! Hope these little tidbits are good enough to keep you somewhat involved in what’s going on here! If you have specific questions, send me a letter! Although, send it to the mission office address because we’ve got transfers this week, so who know’s where I’ll be!


Well, we were very blessed this week. I had some really cool experiences being led to people we’ve met before, and OYMing. The other day we were at Fortress of the Bear doing service and while everyone else was looking at an eagle, I found myself standing by another lady. I remember someone at Zone Conference talking about how whenever someone comes within 5 feet of us, we can know they were placed there by Heavenly Father. So I turned to her and started talking about her cute pink hat. From there, I’m not sure how it happened, but we had a great conversation ranging from temples to the Restoration to where we’re going after this life. She was so interested in all of it and said she would definitely look at our website later. She was particularly touched knowing that there is a place we can go after this life, because that was something that had been troubling her lately. If was so cool to see that even though we were looking at three live bears, she slowly became much more interested in what I had to tell her than those bears. It worked out wonderfully that the missionary who served here a while ago that’s back for the summer was the bus driver that came to get her and her husband, so he was able to point out our church on the way back and he said they asked him even more questions about missions. My favorite part of the experience was when she turned to me before her husband joined us and said, “Thank you. That helped me”. God is preparing people and putting us there to help them! 🙂


We were also very blessed with a nice, busy week! We had lots of appointments and people to see. It was wonderful to feel productive! We were kind of able to pick up two investigators–one seems pretty solid, but the other might not be as interested as we’d like, but we’ll have faith!


Have a good week! Stay strong and happy!


Love Sister Harrison!

P1040785I was twins with Sis Fritz!






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