I’m STAYING in Sitka!!


Okay kiddos!! Drumroll please….I’m STAYING! I’ll be stayin with Sister Landon who’s coming down from, of all places, North Pole!

I think I feel pretty good about it! I’m really excited to have a fresh start here. I think there are some really incredible things that can happen. This last transfer has helped me understand what people mean when they say missions are hard. But at Zone Conference the old Anchorage temple pres shared with us what his Mission President, President Packer, said one day when everything was going terrible, “When all h-e-c-k breaks loose, you know the Lord’s about to bless you”. If the tears, anxiety and stress of the last month and a half are about to turn into blessings galore dumped out on Sitka, then it’s worth it. Stay tuned! 🙂

Oh, also I’m still an STL! But this time I’m the only one. Sister Morrison and Dill are in a training trio, so I’ll get to be over them and Sister Landon! I’m actually really excited because I feel like it makes it more personal, and since we’ll have our new mission pres, I feel like maybe I’ll get to do more than I have the last two transfers. It also means I get to go to the temple not once but TWICE this week!! Talk about healing for the soul! So excited!

The work this week was pretty good too! We had a bunch of people at church yesterday–less-actives, investigators and potentials! It was awesome! One of the less-actives is one no one can get in contact with, except us. She’s been doing SO incredible! We challenged her to read the Book of Mormon everyday and promised her that her son would calm down and she’d be able to have the confidence she needs. (She has social anxiety). So we met with her the next time and she did it! She said that her son wasn’t more calm, but SHE was more calm with him! She also had a super stressful situation at work, but she did amazing! She realized that the anxiety wasn’t controlling her anymore, but she was controlling it. It was incredible! Then the next time we met with her, she introduced us to one of her non-member friends who’s been terrified of missionaries, but after we met him, he told her, “you know, as far as missionaries go, they’re not half bad”. And apparently that’s a huge deal coming from him! Score! Now we just gotta talk about the gospel with him… (:

We also had a really good lesson with one of our slower progressing investigators! We showed ‘Because of Him’ and asked him what HAS been made possible, and what he’d LIKE to be possible in the future because of Him. Then we talked about how he can have those things be possible as he does the things we’ve invited him to do. Then we did an overview of how he’s grown and changed since we’ve been teaching him and he has kept our commitments. The spirit was so strong as he looked back and realized the progress he’s made. I think this was a big step for him. After Sacrament (which he came to finally!!) he went and talked to one of the speakers about how grateful he was for his talk on Blessings because he’s seen so many blessings in his life from this church. I think he’s been thinking about his growth because of Christ ever since that lesson. I’m really hopeful that this means he’s getting even closer!!

While this last transfers been super hard, I’ve learned so many incredible things. I learned how to turn to Heavenly Father more. I’ve learned just how much strength I have, or that I CAN have from my Savior. I’ve learned that focusing everything on others and their concerns and worries is the best way to escape your own troubles and worries for a second. And Christ gives you the love for that too. And when it’s all said and done, he’ll give you peace and comfort when you need it, and assurance that you’ve done a good job.

Love you all so much! Thank you for your love and support through everything! It means so much. (:

Love, Sister Harrison


P1040831Second Coming!


Got to go inside the habitat again!


Met these awesome people! They lived in utah for a bit and he was wearing a utes sweatshirt so we were able to stop and chat! They’re living on a boat with just the two of them so they were totally able to sympathize with us being alone here with no technology or anything. So fun! Love them! And they ahve a blog so she took this pic to put on it and write about us! 🙂


I was SO brave and held the gross tapeworm so I could feel peek-a-boo! Bleh, I hate worms, even little ones. But I was so brave and did it! 😉



Funny Steve we work with at Raptor Center


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