4th of July!!

P1060073Loved the 4th of July package!


Can you see the eagle??

GUYS! This week we saw SO MANY incredible miracles! I can’t even express how grateful I am for all of them.

Fourth of July was probably one of my absolute favorite days of my whole mission. It was amazing! First, we had the best lesson with Jasper ever! It was incredible. He’s so incredible, so in tune, and so prepared. Now it’s just helping HIM know that too! Then afterwards we got to go downtown for all the festivities! Oh my goodness, it was amazing! One of our ward members bought us a bunch of little Hershey’s bars to pass out downtown, and there were so many people! We were led by the spirit the whole time and were shown where to walk, who to offer candy to, what to say, all of it. We felt like giving candy to this one family, and one of the ladies said, “well, hi missionaries!” Turns out she lived in utah and is pretty sure she went to high school with Uncle Jeff! Did he go to Davis? No one else in the ward knew who she was, but now we’re going to go say hi! 🙂 We ran into some of our less-actives who gave us money for smoothies and reindeer redhots. Met several other less-actives and ran into some potentials. One of my favorites is Destiny who was Katniss in the parade! there was a big water fight between the coast guard and the fire deptartment, and she and her friend stayed with us the whole time! Sweet! After the fight I felt like we should go offer candy to the firefighters to say thanks, and I ran into a kind of potential who apparently is a firefighter. He also happens to be close to my age so after I gave it to him his I assume mom told me she could get me his number if I wanted. Uhh…nope, not quite what I was going for. :\ Anyway, there were jsut a ton of miracles and it was really cool seeing all my past three months here come together like that. Huge blessing, and SO much fun. We were also exausted after from all the social energy, but luckily we had a very relaxing dinner with the cute Ady’s! Love them! 🙂

My other highlight is Brendan! This one’s great. Yesterday Stephen texted us and asked to meet, and when he showed up he brought Brendan! Brendan had been coming to our YSA FHE for a while, but then he got anti-ed. We were so sad! BUT, when he came last night we started talking about the Book of Mormon being used with the Bible, and he was shocked. He thought we didn’t read the bible, but he realized that we did and we were christians and we’re not a cult like his mom had told him! He was so excited and is going to try coming to church on Sunday! My other favorite part of all this is that Stephen was helping out explaining all of this to him. He kept interjecting, “See, I told you they weren’t a cult” or “yeah, you should come on Sunday, they’re very hospitable and they’re even studying the Old Testament right now!”. He even kept stealing Brendan’s phone from him so he wouldn’t be distracted by it so he could pay better attention.

And one other favorite moment–I felt like we should go OYM by our favorite “please stay on the path” sign–and we totally found this cute little family who’s looking for a church! They took our card and weren’t there on Sunday, but seeing how everything worked out on the fourth, I know we’ll find them again and help them with what they need. 🙂

I’ve been studying really hard to know what we can do to help the people we’re teaching realize how important what we’re teaching really is and helping them see it as more than just something that sounds really nice, but might just be a trick in the end. I’m sure there’s plenty more answers to find, but this morning my studies were all about the Atonement and our Savior. I’m constantly more and more impressed with just how real and true those are. Christ IS our Savior. He is our best friend and can help us and heal us. We are so blessed. I just pray that we can effectively help those around us see taht too!

Love you all!
Sister Harrison


4th of July breakfast!


Nothing like some fourth of July Chevron!

Decorating boxes for fortress for the fourth!


Noah! Look at how tall this kid is!!


One of our potentials was Katniss in the parade! I love her!


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