Incredible miracles and tender mercies!


It’s been super foggy and rainy lately!

The whole mountain disappeared from the fog! I feel like I’m living in the Lord of the Rings all the time.

Oh man, what a crazy week, but so, so good! We saw so many incredible miracles and had so many little tender mercies! I don’t have much time, but I’ll try to get the highlights down!

We felt to stop by a less-actives home to visit and she had a friend over so we chatted with him too! He works at Pioneer home, the senior center here, and told us we should go volunteer there. We happily said yes and when we went the next day, they needed us right at one of our ‘dead’ times when things are usually slow and we have a hard time filling. Such a tender mercy!

We had a little girl last week tell us to come back and visit her family. We gladly did! Her dad was there the first time and you could tell he wasn’t super happy with us being there, but as we talked we saw his heart slowly soften to the point where he said we could come back and meet his wife sometime too. So we did and had a great conversation. She’s pretty set on her seventh day Adventist religion, but he seems like he’s still hungry for more. We’re going to try to give him a Book of Mormon next time and tell him there’s even more truth!

On Saturday we had a bunch of appointments set up super last minute so there was a lot of rushing and craziness. Finally we paused and said a prayer and went into Raptor Center, one of the places we volunteer. I love the people there so much! One of the little guys there asked us to go to the movies with them even. We’re pretty tight. (P.S. Dad, loved the pic of Jake being an ape. it comes so naturally!) (: Anyway, my favorite part is that we were able to set up a dinner with one of our potentials, Wendy, that I love SO, SO much and know is SO ready for the gospel! Can’t wait!! Seriously, I was squealing as we were leaving, I’m that excited.

Last but not least we had Brendan come to church yesterday! It was very different and strange and new for him, but he really enjoyed it and has lots of good questions, especially about prophets and Joseph Smith. The Restoration is going to be perfect for him to hear! 🙂

I’m so grateful for my mission because I think it’s helping me learn how to be grateful for simple things. I mean, setting up a dinner isn’t always the same thing as a baptism, but it’s a big deal here. A lot of our little miracles are like showing up one place, and meeting two of your investigators there. Just SEEING them is sometimes a miracle. We’re not popping out baptisms like crazy, and so I’ve learned to look for the other little blessings. And I’m so grateful for it, because life isn’t always a super exciting roller coaster after another, but here I’m learning to find the joy in ALL things, big or little, good or bad. It takes some stretching and growing, but in the end I’m really grateful for it. 🙂

Love you all so much and hope you have a great great week!!


Sister Harrison



And the biggest slugs ever! Bleh. 🙂


Houdini the Duck!


Kinda Freaky recycled-glass blown sculptures in the kid section in the library here.


Cool. But scary! 🙂


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