President and Sister Robinson!







Took this picture special for the blog so Sis Robinson can see herself on the blog now! 🙂


Yes, it’s meant to be backwards, because today’s my 11th click day! 7 Months to go! Crazy how time flies. As for this week, it was just super! Highlights:

Wendy!! Wendy has been a potential who works at Raptor Center, where we volunteer, for a while, and we were finally able to have dinner with her and her husband! Ah, guys, it was so great! There were moments where her husband went off a bit on what he believed, but even in the midst of that, we were able to teach a very mini version of the Restoration, and when we said the first vision, the spirit was SO thick I thought everyone in the restaurant would come ask what was going on!! They didn’t, but Wendy got teary eyed and was very touched by it. We gave her a Book of Mormon and asked her to read it and pray and she said she would. I love her SO MUCH and have never wanted someone to have the gospel in the life like I do with her!!

Another highlight was having one of our less-actives come to church! We’d been working with her a lot last transfer and then haven’t been able to get in contact with her at all this one. She has really bad migraines so it makes sense, but it was finally her new visiting teacher who was able to bring her! Such a neat testimony to me of the impact members really can make on helping those around them come to Christ. And also, I hope I never forget how happy I was to see her walk in the door–oh man, it was the best feeling ever and I think everyone was laughing at me because I couldn’t help but do a reverent dance in my seat I was so excited. (:

Also had a tender mercy tuesday–I’d been praying that I could see the fruits of my labors. I might not be rolling in the number of baptisms, but I know I’m obedient, so I must be making a difference, so I asked for some help in seeing that difference. We went to young womens and looked for the simple things along the way. Then one of the leaders who I just love talked about how the sisters (us!) stopped by the other day and shared a thought about looking for the light, and it totally helped her through a hard time she’d been going through! How cool is that? Best part–she’s only a couple months older than me and her and her husband are going to BYU this fall, so we’ll totally get to be friends after the mish!

Then we got to go to Juneau to meet President and Sister Robinson! Oh my GOODNESS, I just LOVE them! I always felt so loved and important around them, but most important I just felt excited to do missionary work! They didn’t lecture us or anything, but just by the sincere enthusiasm they had about any little tiny missionary success, it made me even more excited to be involved. We also had a great lesson with Sister Robinson! It was Sis Morrison, Dall and I on an exchange, and the lesson was SUPER crazy and kids were yelling and screaming, but it went really well. And afterward, we knew Heavenly Father was proud of what we’d done, because I was driving and turned the corner, and what should we see but a BEAR come lumbering across the street!! We all just sat there and screamed for a little bit and were so excited!! And also very grateful to be in the car. 🙂

So all in all, super good week. There were also a few different learning experiences with STL stuff and investigators, but all in all I feel like I came to a greater understanding of the importance of realizing that the atonement can make up for ALL of our mistakes and weaknesses. I can’t get caught up in my little daily successes or failures, but I need to accept god’s forgiveness, as well as forgive myself for making little mistakes, and move on and keep doing my best. I know, that sounds so simple and repetitive, but I guess it just clicked a lot more for me this week. I hope you all can move forward too and keep doing the best you can with whatever your doing. 🙂

Love you all!

Love, Sister Harrison





I can’t get over how gorgeous everything is on these ferry’s!!


Went on a hike with the YW!


Salmon berries!

These things grow everywhere and everyone just picks em off and eats em! Pretty legit.

P1060154Awesome dinner and view with WENDY WHO I LOVE SO SO MUCH and Robbie!


I know, I know, i was so proud of myself. 🙂


P1060132Exchanges with Sis Morrison and Dall! Love these girlies!


Sister Fritz gave us manicures! Love this lady. 🙂



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