“Grateful in any Circumstance”


Twins with Sis Wortman! 😉 Mom, she says thanks for sending me this shirt so we can match! 😉

We had a really good week! It was looking a little rough but we ended up having several tender mercies that kept us going! Lots of those included listening to the spirit to be places at just the right time to see the right people!

My favorite moment was with our friend Steve! We volunteer at Raptor Center and he works there, so over the four months I’ve been here we’ve been able to become good buddies. He told us he’s moving (he left today) to Massachusetts (Dad, thought that was cool he’s going to YOUR mission area!), so we knew we needed to give him a Book of Mormon! We made sure it was really special and wrote our testimonies in it, and even got a cute bow for it. And oh my goodness, he loved it! I’ve never had anyone be so excited to receive a Book of Mormon before! He told us that this month he had his first spiritual experience ever and now he’s totally open to learning about spiritual things so he was so grateful that we were willing to help out! He was so happy, and I was even happier to have all those weeks building that friendship pay off. We gave him our emails so he can stay in contact and we can hopefully hear that rest of the story!! It was really cool to see that promise fulfilled that as you share the gospel out of pure love with your friends, they won’t be offended, but it will be a great blessing. 🙂

We also had quite the adventure Tuesday delivering flyers to everyone in the ward for our chili cook off! Not everyone ended up coming, but we know a lot of people appreciated the invitation. It was pretty cool to see a lot of people all in one day!

We also had a fun time calling Bingo at the Pioneer Home (rest home) here! It was cool because there was a really nice volunteer there with us that we liked. Later she ran into one of our members who mentioned she was feeding the sisters taht night, so this volunteer said she knew us, and our member was able to invite her to the cook off! She didn’t actually come, but it was cool to see how that correlated and hopefully it’ll lead to something in the future!

We also had a cool eye opening experience. One of our potential investigators invited us to her church’s bible study. It was so interesting seeing how they did everything, but mostly just seeing what they know. They really do have so much truth, but it mostly just strengthened my testimony of the restored FULLNESS of the gospel. There were several times they would mention something they didn’t quite understand, and if they just had the B of M to add a little bit of insight, or a JST at the bottom of a scripture, they’d be able to! It made me SO grateful to be able to have the knowledge we do have, and I’m so grateful for the chances we have to share this with people who are willing to have their truth added to. Those people are sometimes few, but it makes it even more meaningful when you find those people looking for even more light and truth.

I also got to teach the lesson on Sunday! Haha, it was kind of weird teaching all by myself, but it was really fun! I got to teach on my favorite talk, “Grateful in any Circumstance” by President Utchdorf. Go read it if you haven’t and drink in all the happiness from it! 🙂

I love you guys so much and am so grateful for you and all you do! I hope you ahve a MARVELOUS week! 🙂

Love, Sister Harrison


Cutest bag of cereal ever!


And Sister L’s new haircut! So cute!

Yet another gorgeous view! 🙂


We decorated soem members house to celebrate their 23rd anniversary!


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