The Three Sitkateers!


Gorgeous Sunset!


Our beautiful rain run!




I don’t know if I’ve ever talked about the people here much, but people in Sitka are so odd. I’m so excited for you to come here with me someday and see it. The good thing is, they sent some of the most odd missionaries to serve here. So I find it very fitting that they are sending Sister Landon and I a THIRD missionary to fit the oddness of it all! We are now going to go around sharing the Gospel as the three Sitkateers, and if we weren’t quite odd enough before with my constant squeels and need to know your whole life story and always wearing skirts, even in the downpouring rain, I think we just might reach the oddness acceptance level of this place. Whoo!

I know, I know I’m hilarious, but yes, we really are getting a third companion and serving in a trio! I’m really excited actually! I’ve heard some nightmare stories about them, but I personally think having one other missionary on this little island will be really nice. Now I have TWO buddies to talk to and counsel and pray with, and celebrate my birthday and year mark with! Should be a pretty great transfer. šŸ™‚

It also wasn’t a total shock. We got a message on wednesday that the office had a bed ordered for us that we needed to pick up. We were super confused, but when we called back the next day they said that Pres was ‘contemplating’ and ‘only contemplating’ having a trio put there….buuut we kinda figured that he wouldn’t buy a bed and have us pick it up if he wasn’t mostly positive about it. šŸ™‚ So we had a nice heads up.

Speaking of odd, that’s probably the best word for this week too! Don’t worry, it was still good, but we did so many random things that we haven’t before! Our car got backed into by one of the members kids, we helped give a tour of Fortress to 61 Girl Scouts, we ate dinner roasting hot dogs on the beach, we delivered a bunch of bread one of the members made for us to take to people in need, and we tried singing all those songs in the hymnbook that no one knows at the request of one of our favorites to visit. Pretty crazy stuff, but those are the adventures that make life great! Oh, and it was 65 degrees and everyone was ROASTING. I’m gonna die when I come back to normal Utah weather again.
We’ve also got some really cool people working on coming back to church right now. It’s been great to see the courage and strength they’ve received to do it. It was wonderful too because we had a REALLY powerful testimony meeting yesterday, especially when Bishop got up and bore his testimony of how everyone there has the strength to overcome what they’re facing. It was just what so many people needed, and I was SO grateful for the spirit there. Gee, I just love these people so much! I was really sad last week thinking about possibly leaving these people, so I feel very blessed to have the chance to stay! šŸ™‚

Stay tuned to hear about the latest adventures of Sitkateers! Thanks for all your love and support! This gospel is so true and I love it even more every day. It really is the way to happiness, and as long as we’re willing to change, it can make that difference because of our wonderful, loving, perfect, kind Savior.

Love, Sister Harrison


It was 65 degrees, which was so hot, we had to go get ice cream!


Cute little Brin Pharis!


We made a countdown chain for Sister Jensen till she can go out of town!

P1060238Hot dogs with Sister Dodds

P1060270 P1060245


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