More Birthday, Juneau open house and half way mark :)




The Pharis decos and cake!P1060462




Here’s the Pharis’! And their baby, Brin!




 My yummy Desserts!



Grabbed some b-day subway and had a mini photoshootP1060446 P1060458 P1060460

Makin’ Lemon bars in my cute new shirt! P1060461

Well, first of all you all deserve a HUGE thank you once again for the wonderful birthday you blessed me with! Without all the wonderful stuff you did, it wouldn’t have been nearly as awesome! The rest of the day was great! We had a delicious dinner with the Pharis’, and I got my Birthday blessing which was perfect. Don’t worry Dad, I thought about you extra hard while I was getting it. 🙂 The members were also all SO SO nice and kind and did so many things! It was a super fabulous day. 🙂
And it kept going the next day too! We had lunch with Wendy our investigator, and she went ALL out! She had special ordered a cake that had a quote by Elder Bednar printed on it! She’d spent forever looking up quotes on (all on her own, we hadn’t told her about it) and picked the perfect one! Oh my goodness, it was so sweet and thoughtful of her! I love her to death. 🙂 And we each talked about one way we’ve seen God’s love. Best post-birthday ever! And THEN, the next day a got a year mark package! I hadn’t even been expecting that! It was SO cute mom! Loved all of it! Seriously, thank ALL of you for your thoughtfulness and love in making those two big days for me feel so awesome!
I’d say the biggest thing that happened for the rest of the week was the Juneau open house! It looks beautiful! I got to go on exchanges with Sister Morrison and Dall there, and we had a blast! Sister Morrison even helped me get a free t-shirt from Del Sol! We were a little dissapointed with the number of people who came to the open house, so we spent a lot of time standing around. 😦 BUT, I got to meet a bunch of super cool members there! Seriously, the Juneau people rock!
Then we woke up at 4:30 to get on our ferry back yesterday. Whoo! :\ We survived the day, although it was a little rough. But it ended great, we had New Beginnings, so we got to each give talks with the girls on the values, and Sister Pharis did such a good job with the whole thing! And to top it all off, we got to send of little floating lanterns!
Speaking of light, I don’t know if you’ve seen this video or not, but here’s my favorite new Mormon Message. Check it out, and listen for my favorite part at the end about our condition as mortals. Also, pay attention to how many people it took to help him get to his final conclusion. 🙂 Enjoy!

Love you so much!
Sister Harrison



gorgeous sunset!

P1060571 P1060573 P1060585 P1060592 P1060599 P1060615



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