A Brief Reprieve

Well, I remember last week saying something about promising to tell more missionary stories this week. Kind of ironic because of what did end up happening! Or I guess I should say because of everything that DIDN’T happen this week. Dad, remember all those emails you’ve sent me about making sure I take time to sleep and get rest? Well, you were more inspired than you knew. Ever since Juneau I’ve been SO tired, and I mean I’ve been tired as a missionary, but not like this!

Well, the other sisters caught a cold so by wednesday we got permission to stay inside and let them sleep. I happily joined! I slept for like two hours. Then we went out for an appointment, were exhausted and came back and I slept another two and a half hours. They woke me up to eat dinner, and then I went back and slept another two hours! And still slept through the whole night! We knew something was pretty wrong at that point. Thursday I tried to tough it out, but finally decided I needed a break. So we went on splits! Thank goodness for the trio! I went and stayed on the Pharis’ couch, while the sisters went to our appointments. It happened to work out perfectly that that was the last night Sis Pharis’ Mom was there who’s a nurse, so she diagnosed me with the flu, and eventually I got a cold on top of that! I then spent basically the next two days in bed! Whoo!

And I’m SOOO grateful for it. I got a blessing finally that told me that this was just a great blessing from Heavenly Father to give me time to breathe and recuperate from all the hard work I’ve done for him, and to give me the strength and energy I need for the rest of my mission! It wasn’t super fun being sick of course, but that’s how life is, right? The uncomfortable, hard times are often the biggest blessings.

So yeah, all in all, a super good week. It was also so cool to see all the love the people here have for ME. I’m here to serve them, so it was very overwhelming to see the service come back to me in such a large way! (Alma 41:15!) The Pharis’ housing me–who let’s a sick person come spend time at their house like that??– Wendy made me chicken noodle soup, Sis Jensen gave my comps essential oils for me, and Mari gave me medicine–just so many little ways people showed me so much love and it’s been very overwhelming! People are incredible, and bit by bit, as we love those around us, we’re able to help them feel the love God has for them. I know I felt it this week! He loves me! He really does, and He loves you too. 🙂 SO MUCH!


Sister Harrison


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