This Place Called Sitka!














Saying GOODBYES to…….Sister Thayne


The Busby’s


The Wortman’s


Sister Camielle


The Rear Boys




Sister Jensen


The Pharis’

P1060787 P1060810

Sister Fritz and the cute cover she made for my mini Bof M!! SO CUTE, huh?






Sister Mclung

Oh boy, oh boy! What a week! Of course we were getting curious about transfers and wondering what could be happening, when we got a call from President WEDNESDAY night! The first thing he said was, “Sister Harrison, are you ready to leave Sitka?” and I got all choked up inside but, looks like I’m headed out and whitewash training in the Inlet View Ward in downtown Anchorage. Bah! I wish I could share all my emotions I had in the next five days since then, but this little keyboard just doesn’t have a way to describe it. It’s certainly a BIG change for me and I’m putting up a lot of prayers for this one, so stay tuned!! I think I’m excited though in the midst of the nerves and sadness about leaving.


Leaving has been rough, but really good. These little Sitkans have SUCH a big hold on my heart. It’s seriously almost as hard as leaving home. I’ve put my whole heart and soul into it–and now my heart and soul don’t want to come out! It has been really cool getting to say my goodbyes though and see all the people Heavenly Father’s helped me reach…and been helped in return. So many tearful goodbyes, but I’m so grateful they’re GOODbyes, not bad. 🙂


We leave tonight though, so after having five days to be sad about leaving, I’m finally getting to look at the good adventure coming soon. I’m sure there will be stress and mistakes figuring all this new stuff out, but Heavenly Father’s already given me so many tender mercies, like a GPS to help me navigate (Thank you Sister Clark!) and Elders serving in the ward so they can explain stuff to me. It’s all going to turn out really good. I don’t know if you had a chance to watch the CES Devotional last night, but it was all about giving our lives over to God’s plan for us–which happens to be a million times better than ours. He’s got great things in store!


I have a bunch of pics to send, so I’ll end there, but remember I love you and Heavenly Father has a plan!


Love, Sister Harrison


Braided Bingo!


Raptor Center


Missy Pig!



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