New! New! New!


Mission Tour with Elder Evans from the Seventy!



Driving to pick her up!


Meeting her!





All the trainers and trainees! P1060829


I BAWLED my eyes out when Sis Hew left. Not cool.


WOW, SO many NEW things this week!

First off, new email place so I lost a bit of time getting me and my comp all set up, so sorry if this is super short!

But that leads to…my NEW companion! Sister THACKER is from Salt Lake and is super cute! It’s pretty exciting that she’s going to be on this blog a lot because she realized that she had read through the WHOLE thing once she got her call! Pretty crazy how many people know me from this blog that I meet. We’ve been having quite the adventures figuring out this ward together, and are making sure we still get in a good amount of fun where we can. 🙂

Which leads to…my NEW area! Guys, oh my goodness, this ward is incredible, I can’t even tell you. The ward council is SO missionary oriented. They set up the area so that there’s a district supervisor for each area, and then ‘captains’ aka home teachers inside each of those. They’ve gone through and categorized the whole ward on level of interest, so now all we need to do is get in contact with them and go teach them! But they don’t want to us to just do that–we’re supposed to ‘connect’ the people we work with with their respective supervisors. This ward is one in a million, and I’m SO excited to work here! Of course I still tear up every time I think about Sitka, but this area is going to be way fun to figure out as well.

And that’s been fun as well–driving! Oh man, this city feels HUGE compared to Sitka! We’ve gotten lost left and right, but people have been really patient with us! And that’s with a GPS too! Whew, crazy stuff. But we make it fun and laugh the way along. 🙂

Which brings me to another New thing, although it’s not really ‘new’. I’ve added to my testimony that Heavenly Father really does help us out SO much in the things that He asks us to do. This whole situation easily could be SO overwhelming and hard and challenging and scary, but with lots of prayer and faith, it’s working out. I haven’t had any mental breakdowns (yet, stay tuned) 🙂 and am actually enjoying the challenge. It’s really fun to push myself to a whole new level of missionary work.

Last of all, new PEOPLE! That’s what makes this all fun and worth it are all the people. We have so many people! We’ve had some great lessons. Just last night we found a new investigator! And we have a lot of other potentials that are up and coming–can’t wait to see what all is in store!

Hopefully next week I’ll have more time for stories about some of these people, but until then, thank you so much for all the prayers and support you give me! They are working so please don’t stop! 🙂 I LOVE YOU!!!

Sister Harrison





Twinner white cameras! 🙂



Finally found a Harrison street in Alaska!




I found an Actualy redbox! I think the guy we asked to take our picture thought we were crazy, but that’s okay.


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