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WHEW! That’s how every single journal entry started this week. Yep, this week has been happenin’ like CRAZY! This ward is pretty much the exact opposite of every other ward I’ve been in. There are SO many people to see and teach and get organized and do. I LOVE IT! It’s really fun.

BUT, at the same time, it’s also added some to my favorite word–STRESS! But it’s all good, I’ve been through worse, so we’ll be okay. 🙂 Can’t complain.

Anyway, I finally have some stories for you! Monday night we had dinner with Bishop’s family, and the talked about how their daughter went to BYU–turns out we lived in the same building in Heritage! They also mentioned the name of another kid in this ward who was there and they were surprised I hadn’t met him too. Well, later that night I was laying there trying to get to sleep when his name popped in my head and it suddenly hit me that I DO know him! He was in my BofM class my first semester! I’m gonna be honest and have a human moment–I may have actually gotten a little annoyed by him occasionally. BUT, because of that, I totally remembered him and knew exactly who he was. Guess what? Turns out he’s the son of one of our investigators we hadn’t been able to meet yet! He’s like the super strong rock in his family and is on a mission right now, so the sisters had been working with his less-active mom and non-member dad! So that next day we rushed on over to their house first thing and were able to met his mom. We shared a thought about God’s love and talked about how we’re never alone. She started talking about how she feels alone a lot lately, especially since her son’s not there to talk to her, and it was the COOLEST thing to be able to tell her that I know her son and know that God had sent me of all people here at this time to remind her that God IS looking out for her and knows her situation.

Moral of the story–you never know what role the people around you might play in your life. So remember to love all of them, even the annoying ones because you might end up being able to help their family gain eternal life!

On a less exciting note–I survived my first earthquake! It was so cool! Well, mostly because we didn’t get hurt or anything. We were sitting there doing our studies and started feeling some shaking and I was so confused. Then we looked at each other and realized–this was an earthquake! We started cheering, but then it started shaking a little harder. So I asked if maybe we needed to get under the table, but before we could decide it had stopped. So we cheered some more and went on our merry way. And that is the exciting story of my first earthquake. My favorite part was the cute ladies in our ward that called to make sure we were okay. Love ’em. 🙂

We taught a BUNCH of other lessons–we had one lady basically say she wish God had gone with Satan’s plan, we had a lesson that was supposed to be for a recent convert but when she brought her ex-husband ended up becoming a new investigor lesson (Whoo! Quick side story–he lives out in a village somewhere so we knew we probably wouldn’t be able to keep teaching him, but then he asked his ex-wife if we could send him all the materials we have! Yay!), we became best friends with two recent converts from Wasilla when one of them had to come to the hospital here, and we had a lesson with the SWEETEST elderly man ever, who doesn’t know if he’ll be able to make it back to church because of family health issues, but wants to pay tithing because he wants to help others the way the church has helped him. I hope that helps cover the spectrum of people and experiences we’ve had–and that’s only a few of them. We taught about 19 lessons this week! I know it’s not about the numbers, but compared to my other areas, it was way cool!

Okay, one last story. The Elders serving in our ward with us told us we needed to go meet with a certain active family in the ward, so everyday we’d been putting them down to try and see but hadn’t made it. But Saturday night I felt like we needed to make them priority to see on Sunday, and it was able to work out PERFECT! When we got there, he had just been out home teaching and found somebody who was ready for us to come help get back to church! Whoo! Stay tuned to hear more!

Also, I LOVED the General Women’s Meeting and am SO excited for Conference this weekend. I loved the idea President Utchdorf told about how God doesn’t hold all his blessings locked up in a cloud, but is pouring them out always and it’s US who put up umbrellas of sin, doubt and fear that stop us from seeing or feeling the blessings. I’m SO grateful for the Atonement and repentance that help us close those umbrellas and get better and happier.

Enjoy conference and breakfast casserole for me!! 🙂

LOVES! Sis HarrisonP1060889




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