Can we stop and talk about how amazing conference was for a second??


Our Moose adventure from last p-day!

Ah! So much to write, and no time! This week was good! Can we stop and talk about how amazing conference was for a second?? It was incredible!! I got so many awesome insights and answers and am SO excited to go live life some more! I can’t wait to read through all the talks, so for you lucky people who can look them up online, go read them for me while I wait for my ensign to come!!

Mom, thanks so much for the cute Anchor package! My whole district loved all the treats–and btw, it’s so weird being in person with my district. Serving on an island problems. Whatever. (:

So this week was kind of crazy and we had a bunch of cancellations so that was kind of rough, but we made it all fun and just laughed our way through! Honestly, that’s probably the main thing I remember from this week is just laughing and joking about everything. Example: We were rushing to a dinner because we got stuck in crazy traffic–it took us 45 mins to get to dinner!!–and this guy started J-walking right in front of us, so I commented, “Who are these crazy people??” We sat there for a second, and then Sister Thacker said, “Children of God” and we looked at each other and busted up laughing. Not because of what she said, don’t worry, but just because that was such a better way of looking at the situation than I had been! So yeah, it’s been awesome.

Okay, super sorry this is so short! We had an awesome dinner with the Sua’ava’s and met a few other really cool people. Mostly I’m just really happy and excited for life. Thank you conference for bringing so much excitement for life!

Hope you all have a good week! I’ll try and write more info next week. 🙂

Love, Sister Harrison


Dinner with the Sua’ava’s! Love them!!


Cutest Dog ever!


Once upon a time, we took our jeep in for an oil change and it took all day. So we got to drive Sister Robinson’s car! We had so many adventures since we didn’t have the keys to the church or our book with all the addresses with us. PARTY!



And partying it up during 12 week!!


Imitating Elder William’s ‘Little Foot’ face…..

I’ll have to tell you that story someday…


We’re so cute!



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