I love doing this work and feel SO blessed to be serving here at this time!

Cool Full Moon!

Alright friends, quite the crazy week, but super good!! Last Monday we saw this gorgeous sunset, so we pulled over to take a pic and ended up meeting the coolest lady named GRIFFIN who is moving to Salt Lake soon! Gotta love unplanned opportunities to share the gospel! We told her about the light’s at Temple Square coming up soon and we were all best friends by the end of our convo. Gotta love it.

Then we found out that one of the Elders that works in Inlet View with us is getting transferred! It was kind of crazy to have happen halfway through transfers, but it’s been really good because it’s helped us step up a lot! His companion got put in a trio covering their ward and ours, so they’re pretty busy which gives us a chance to work extra hard to reach our people. And we saw the blessings!! We had a full progress record!! Like, every single box was full, and if we hadn’t had any cancellations, we would’ve gone onto two!! Whoo! Don’t worry, I know it’s not about the numbers, but that’s the first time I’ve had that happen on my mission, so I had to share the exciting news. (:

But the people we got to see were awesome!! We had an INCREDIBLE lesson Wednesday night that we took our Ward Mission Leader to with us and the spirit was SO strong and we were able to see some of the trials that this lady is facing, but also help her see how the gospel can help her. Ugh, trying to type up the experience really doesn’t cut it, but just know if was wonderful. (:

And just kept seeing more and more people! There are some wonderful people, and it’s so fun to get to work hard to just love them and then see all the blessings that come. I love doing this and being a missionary and feel SO blessed to be serving here at this time. Heavenly Father is so good to me!

Love you!!

Sister Harrison



P-Day Sports!



The Inlet View Missionaries!

Elder O’Brien’s last district meeting with us!




Yes, we ALL matched!



Didn’t have any dinners so we bought Papa Murphey’s!







cutest service people ever!


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