Crazy, busy week……..and SNOW!



Yes, it really is snow! 🙂

We had a crazy busy week, and it feels so good to be exhausted from working so hard!! And I finally took some time to write a good solid email, so hope you enjoy! (:

Monday we got a new investigator who just moved here from Fairbanks!

Tuesday we got to go to Baptisms in the temple for the first time with a recent convert!! Seriously, it was one of the coolest experiences ever. She said that she felt SO familiar being there and was SO happy! It was also really cool because here I am spending this time of my life helping people come closer to Christ, and often trying to do that through baptism, and here baptisms were happening right and left! It strengthened my testimony that 1-fam history work seriously is a HUGE part of the work of salvation and 2-God really has this whole thing figured out. He can whip out baptisms all day long if he wants, but he let’s us have the chance to help him so that we can learn and grow while we forget ourselves and try to help others find happiness. And I definitely feel like I’ve been learning SO much my whole mission. And it really is life changing. Life changing in who I am, but also life changing in how the rest of my life is going to go. I’ve seen a lot of things I NEVER want to do, but a ton of things I want to make sure I always, ALWAYS do the rest of my life. And staying close to God and trusting in Him and Jesus Christ is number one on that list.

Wednesday went on some awesome exchanges with Sis Morrison! Oh man, I sure love that Sister to death, and we had a PARTAY! We worked so hard and how so much fun while doing it. She served here in January so we were able to go reconnect with a bunch of people we haven’t been able to yet. Miracle! Mostly it was wonderful being around Sister Morrison because she’s incredible and such a good buddy of mine now, and I love her example! Also, cool story: during personal study I was reading in Helaman and had one verse stand out in particular so spent like 10 minutes studying it, and didn’t think anything about it. Well, that night we went to visit this adorable lady and she asked the perfect question for the answer I’d found earlier in my studies! Of course I had no idea at the time that I was going to be able to help her, but God prepared me to help! Seriously, read your scriptures everyday. It WILL bless you and the people around you. And if you don’t believe me, GO START! Best way to test it out. (:

Thursday I got an AWESOME PACKAGE!! Thanks so much Mom! It was the BEST EVER!! So excited! And I know my district is going to LOVE the treats!

Friday we had our all time high of six lessons in one day! Whoo!

Saturday we had an awesome chili cook off where we met a bunch of people including a potential investigator who seemed pretty interested! Seriously, you know how much I love social things like taht, so we got to work it and talk to a BUNCH of people and get to know them all! Yay! We didn’t even get to eat Chilli we were workin so hard–always a good feeling! (Don’t worry Mom, we still ate food later. 🙂 We also had TWO investigators come! It was really cool because one of those investigators was a referall from a returning member we’re working with, and let’s just say this investigator doesn’t like coming to church functions. But while we were visiting earlier the investigator called or returning member and so we were able to cheer her on in inviting her to come! And she came! It worked out great and I think she had a really good time! Love those tender mercies!

Sunday was a little rough because we were totally wiped out from our crazy week, but it ended on a superb note! We have this adorable little returning member we’re working with that I just love, and she is fighting SO HARD to come back right now!! She knows it’s true, but she will occasionally get these little doubts about things. She knows they’re not good, but she has such a hard time fighting them off! Well, this week there was one thing in particular that was bugging her, so when we went over we were able to clear it up nice and clearly, and she was SO HAPPY! And then MOM, we were able to give her those little cards you gave me about Staying Spiritually Confident and How to Gain a Testimony (or a stronger one!!) and she was so happy about it! It was a very happy ending to a happy, busy week.

I am SO tired and it feels SO good and I LOVE using all my time and energy and heart to help people!! I LOVE Heavenly Father and am SO grateful for all the strength He gives me to even do all these things and for the blessings he dumps down on us all day, every day.

Last but not least, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to JAKERS!!!!! You’re turning TWELVE! Oh my, you get the PRIESTHOOD and can GO TO THE TEMPLE! Go, go, go all the time little man. It’s such a blessing to live so close and go all the time. And, you’ll get to receive Gods’ power to bless the lives of His children. I hope you enjoy the wonderful privilege and blessing you’ll receive! You’re going to be such a wonderful, handsome, happy deacon. LOVE YOU!

And love you all! Have a super week!

Love, Sister Harrison



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